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Troubleshoot inventory file upload errors

How can I fix inventory file upload errors?

If you receive any errors after you upload an inventory file, refer to the processing report to obtain more information about each error. We recommend that you open your inventory file and processing report side-by-side, so you can determine which fields in your inventory file resulted in upload errors.

To download and use processing reports:

  1. Access the Add Products via Upload page.
  2. Select the Monitor Upload Status tab
  3. Scroll down to the inventory file Upload status section, then click Download Processing Report.
    Note: Processing reports are best viewed in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. You can open a processing report in Notepad and then copy and paste the content of the report into a spreadsheet program to view it.
  4. (Optional) Filter or sort the error-type column to view only error messages (and not info or warning messages).
  5. For each error, refer to the original-record-number and SKU columns to determine which record in your inventory file resulted in the error.
    Note: The first two rows of your inventory file are not considered records. Therefore, an error in Record 1 in the processing report corresponds to Line 3 in your inventory file.
  6. Review the error-message column in the processing report. For more information about each error, see Error Code Explanations.

How can I fix inventory file upload errors related to a product identifier?

  1. Confirm the UPC is valid; locate a check digit calculator online to check the validity of the UPC
  2. If the UPC begins with a leading zero (e.g. 013803156881), format the standard product ID column to ensure the leading zero isn’t removed after you enter the UPC
  3. If you received a UPC exemption in a category:
    1. Ensure the brand of the item is not included in one of the following lists:
    2. Refer to the instructions in the email you received when you were granted the exemption for instructions on how to use it

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