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Send to Amazon: Confirm shipping

Once you have provided box content information for each SKU that you want to ship, you can proceed to step 2 of the Send to Amazon workflow, Confirm shipping.

Set ship date and shipping mode

To confirm shipping, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the estimated Ship date for the shipment in the workflow. Telling us the date on which you expect to hand off your inventory to your carrier lets us plan for the arrival of your inventory and avoid unnecessary delays.
  2. Select your Shipping mode. The shipping mode refers to how your shipment will be transported. You can send your inventory as small parcel shipments or pallet shipments.
    Important: When you create your shipment, make sure you select the correct shipping mode and ship-from address. If you send a shipment using a different mode than what you selected, the shipment might encounter problems when the carrier requests a delivery appointment, or it might be refused at pickup.

Small parcel shipments

Small parcel delivery (SPD) is for items packed in shipping boxes that are individually labeled for delivery. Normally, these are smaller shipments.

To complete your small parcel delivery request, follow these steps:

  1. Select Small parcel delivery as your preferred shipping mode.
  2. Select your carrier.
  3. Review the shipments assigned and any applicable estimated charges for prep, and labeling, and click Accept and confirm shipping if everything looks right.

Frequently asked questions

Can I leave in the middle of the workflow and come back to finish?

You can leave the workflow at any point and return later to the place you left. However, fulfillment center placements for your shipment are valid for only 24 hours pending shipment confirmation. If you leave the workflow and return more than 24 hours later, the destinations for your shipment might have changed. You can have only one open workflow at a time.

If you start a new workflow or switch to a different workflow, you can return to this workflow by clicking the Active workflows link and selecting it from the list.

Can I choose a different shipping mode for each shipment in the workflow?

This feature is not supported in Send to Amazon yet. If this feature is critical to your business, you can provide us feedback via the Your feedback is important link on the Send to Amazon page or via the survey displayed after you create a shipment.

Can I modify SKUs or quantities?

You can modify SKUs or quantities before you confirm shipping. However, your placement destination might change if you do so.

Once you have confirmed shipping, you cannot add new SKUs to the shipment. However, you will be able to edit the quantity of the existing SKUs within certain limits. For details, see Send to Amazon: Change or cancel your shipment. If you have to make changes beyond the limits, you must cancel all the shipments in the workflow and start over.

Why do I have to provide a ship date?

Telling us the date on which you expect to hand off your inventory to your carrier lets us plan for the arrival of your inventory and avoid unnecessary delays. .

What happens when I confirm a shipment?

When you confirm your shipment, you agree to the shipment destinations and a shipment ID is generated. You can use this ID to see shipment details and tracking and reconciliation information in your Shipping Queue.

What if I want to rename my shipment?

You can rename shipments that you have confirmed by clicking Rename under each shipment name in step 3, Print box labels.

What if I need to cancel my shipment?

To cancel your shipment, click on the Void shipments and charges button at the bottom of the page. If this action is made before 24h of the shipment creation, the NFe will also be cancelled.

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