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FC Appointment for FBA

The appointment to deliver an inbound shipment to an Amazon fulfilment center can be requested through FC Appointment tool. All inbound shipments to an Amazon Fulfilment centers must be sent only after an appointment is confirmed, a remittance invoice is issued and it should be delivered at the scheduled time.

In the FC Appointment tool you can:

  • Schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments to Amazon fulfilment centers
  • Get instant inbound appointment confirmation
  • Get visibility of the available appointment slots at the FC
Note: If you are using an Amazon Recommended Carrier you will not need to schedule a FC appointment.

How to book a FC appointment?

To schedule a FC appointment you must have created an inbound shipment (learn more here) and must generate a remittance invoice. After that you can follow the steps below to schedule an inbound appointment:

  1. Under the menu Inventory > Manage FBA Appointments click on the button Book a new FC Appointment.
  2. Select the shipments for an appointment.
  3. Choose your preferred Date & Time.
  4. Review the date & time of the appointment.
  5. Click on Confirm Appointment and a confirmation page will be displayed.

  • While requesting the appointment, the remittance invoice must have been authorized by the State Treasury Office (Secretaria da Fazenda). If the invoice is canceled, the appointment will also be automatically canceled and you will have to book a new appointment.
  • The appointment details must match the remittance invoice and the physical shipment delivered to the fulfilment center. Failure to comply with Amazon policies may result in the shipment being rejected at the Fulfilment center and denial of reimbursement claims.

How to manage FC appointments?

In the page Manage FC Appointments you can see the list of your booked appointments. Each appointment has an “Actions” button, clicking on it you can select to:

  • View Appointment
  • Print confirmation
  • Cancel Appointment
  • Reschedule Appointment
Note: If you cancel a shipment the FC appointment will also be cancelled. Invoice will also be canceled if shipment cancelation occurs until 24h after its creation.

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