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Recommended Carrier Managed by Amazon

This page provides information about Recommended carrier managed by Amazon, an option available to FBA sellers for small parcel shipments.

Note: In order to benefit from Recommended carrier managed by Amazon Program and have your products biweekly picked up, you must meet the eligibility criteria and have submitted the registration form while logged in your FBA account. You will then be registered with our partner carrier, be assigned to a fixed pick-up route and receive your pick-up schedule by email.

Fill out the registration form at

Eligibility criteria to use Recommended carrier managed by Amazon:

  • Be eligible to FBA
  • Have a pick-up address in São Paulo state, except for Cajamar city

When using Recommended carrier managed by Amazon you do not need to schedule a fulfilment center appointment. You will only need to keep track of it on your pick-up dates and complete your shipment creation until 9 pm, 2 business days prior to the pick-up. All this information will also be sent to you by email.

How much will Recommended carrier managed by Amazon cost?

For now, this is a free service provided by Amazon and does not have any costs for sellers.

How to use Recommended carrier managed by Amazon?

You will be informed by email about your pick-up schedule during the registration process. Please note that before this confirmation your shipments will not be picked up. You must create your shipment on Seller Central, where you should select Recommended carrier managed by Amazon by the end of the process, until 9 pm, 2 business days prior to your pick-up date, and issue an invoice in order to confirm each pick-up. You will receive a pick-up confirmation by email 1 business day prior to your pick-up date.

How do I know when my pick-up will happen?

During your registration period, Amazon will set along with the carrier your pick-up schedule based on your location. Once this process is completed, Amazon will inform you by email your pick-up dates as well as your cut-off rule for shipment creation.

I have not receive any email regarding Recommended carrier managed by Amazon. What can I do?

If you have not received any email regarding your pick-up date, click on Contact us and ask for an update on Recommended carrier managed by Amazon.

How can I confirm my pick-up address?

The only address shared on Seller Central is the fiscal address To confirm pick-up address, click on Contact us and request to register an address for Recommended carrier managed by Amazon.

Can I change my pick-up address?

Yes. Click on Contact us and request an address update for Recommended carrier managed by Amazon.

Can I place as much pick-up orders as I want?

No. For now, you only have 2 pick-up requests per month, bi-weekly, according to the schedule informed to you by email.

Can I place my shipment order whenever I want?

Yes. But be aware that we will have a cut-off date set in order to properly process all requests. If you place your order after your cut-off date, your shipment will be handled only in your next pick-up.

Can I change my pick-up dates?

No. Your date will be set according to your location and other variables, not allowing changes. This is needed in order to ensure our capability of perform all pick-ups.

Do I have to book a fulfiment center appointment with Recommended carrier managed by Amazon?

No. Fulfilment center appointments will be handled by Amazon.

What happens if I miss my pick-up date?

If you miss your pick-up date you will have to wait until your next pick-up.

If you received a pick-up confirmation by email and missed your pick-up date, your shipment will no longer be valid and you will have to create another one for your next pick-up.

If you have missed your shipment creation deadline and therefore have not received a confirmation by email, this shipment will automatically be considered on your next pick-up, which will happen in 2 weeks.

If 4 pick-ups are missed in a row, Amazon will contact you by email to check whether you want to still avail of the free pick-ups. If you miss a 5th pick-up, Amazon will assume that there is no more interest in free pick-ups and your pick-ups will be suspended. It is possible to re active your pick-ups schedule using Contact us.

What happens if the carrier misses my pick-up date?

In the event of carrier missing your pick-up, Amazon will send another vehicle as soon as possible to collect your products.

After completing the shipment creation and issuing the invoice, what else should I do?

From this point on, you only need to get your shipment ready to be picked-up. That is labelling your products, prepping, organizing and labelling the boxes. You will receive a confirmation by email 1 business day before your pick-up.

After my products got picked-up, when will I be able to see them available on the website?

After pick-up, our handling time is 2 business days for São Paulo Capital, considering a radius of 150 km, and 4 business days for cities outside the radius.

What will happen if any of my products get damaged by the carrier or in the FC?

Amazon will send you a weekly report with your damaged items. You can reach out Seller Support if you identify something wrong. Amazon will then start an investigation process and will reimburse any damages caused by carrier or FC. Visit this help page for more details.

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