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This article applies to selling in: Brazil

Seller identity verification

In this page you can find the step-by-step registration process, and what documents you need to create your seller account.

Step 1: prepare the following documents

To help us maintain a trusted marketplace for buyers and selling partners, we need some additional proof for the information you provided during registration. Documents we ask for identity verification are:

  1. The official ID of the person who holds the account (must match the name on the credit or debit card). It can be:
    • RG/CPF
    • Passport
    • Driver's license
  2. CNPJ number of the company or natural person.
  3. Proof of address, such as a bank statement or credit card bill issued within the last three months. The document must:
    • match the deposit method that will be entered.
    • be addressed to the one the same address that was entered as business address.
    • be in addressed to the same name as the person registering.
    • be the entire file, and not just the cover page.
You may be asked for additional proof of address for a fixed service (telephone, internet, water, or electricity), which must be no older than 90 days old.

Note: All documents must be fully readable, in color and in PDF format.

Step 2: fill in all the requested information

  • Your name: name of the person who will handle the account. Remember that in the identity verification process you need to provide an identification for this person.
  • Email: email address you use to sign in to your seller account.
  • Password: password you use to sign in to your seller account.
  • Business name: name of your business, or your full name in case you are a natural person.

Step 3: fill in the information about yourself

  • Country, date of birth and proof of identity.
  • Postal address: Remember that this address must match the one on the bank statement you will use for identity verification.
  • A mobile phone for an instant phone verification. For phone verification you can receive a voice call or a text message:
    1. Wait until you receive the call or text message with your PIN.
    2. Enter the one-time PIN.
    3. Click "Verify".

Step 4: tell us your billing information

  • Credit card: add the number of your credit card, its expire date and the name on it.
  • Billing address: add your street, number, city, state, and CEP.

Step 5: fill in your store information

  • Name of store: add the name of your Store.
  • Answer the following questions with Yes or No.

Step 6: identity verification

Note: Before activating your seller account, you must go through an identity verification process.

Upload the copies of the documents and wait for verification. Documents must be:

  • Colorful and high quality
  • Scanned image or cell phone photo (white background)
  • Up to 10 MB
  • Displaying the entire page, or both sides where applicable
  • In one of these formats: gif, png, jpg, pdf, or docx
  • Named in English
  • Vertical in direction

National identity documents from Brazil:

  • RG/CPF
  • Passport
  • Driver's license

Bbank statement:

  • It must be the original and complete Statement of Account (all pages, and not just the cover page).
  • If you make any kind of cut or cover values, the document will be rejected.
  • It must be in the name of the main contact on the account.
  • The address must match your business address.
  • It cannot be more than three months old.

If you've already submitted your documents

The review process can take up to two business days from the time we receive your documents. We will email you the result once the process is completed.

Note: You will gain access to Seller Central after your account is verified.
Important: We reject documents when we can't verify them or when they don't meet our criteria. Our decision to approve or reject a document is final and cannot be appealed, although you can re-apply with a new account.
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