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Brand-specific size charts

Size charts are available on Apparel, Shoes, and Jewelry detail pages.

The size chart is not available on Sports ASIN (GL = Sports) and Technical Sport Shoes (Product type = TECHNICAL_SPORT_SHOES).

Size charts are available when selecting the size chart link on the detail page. After selecting the link, it will open a window with a size chart table.

Size charts provide two main functions for customers:

  • Convert local sizes based on country (for example, mapping what UK size is in EU size)
  • Provide more detail information on the measurement to ensure the product will fit (for example, my waist size is 31 inches; which size will fit me?)

For Apparel: The measurements referenced in a size chart are not product measurements but the body measurements for which a size should fit. It is expected that all dresses in size Medium, for a certain brand, are built for the same body measurements regardless of the dress shape or whether it is supposed to be loose or tight fitting.

Amazon generic size chart

For any ASIN displayed in Fashion, there is a size chart link. If the brand does not provide a brand-specific size chart, we will display the Amazon generic size matching the Browse nodes and Product type of the Parent ASIN.

Note: Amazon generic size charts cannot be deleted, only overwritten with a more appropriate brand-specific chart.

Create a brand-specific size chart

Note: Before you begin, review all the content on this page.
  1. Contact Seller Support and let them know which Marketplace - Brand – Department – Product type you would like to provide a size chart for to display your brand. Provide at least 1 Parent ASIN for each category and department. This will allow us to check and identify any data issue that would arise later on.
  2. Once Seller Support has sent you the templates to fill out, provide the required information (see How to fill out the template section for more details).
  3. Send the completed templates back to Seller Support with the list of ASINs. Seller Support will load the templates into the system.

You should provide a size chart as soon as you sell an ASIN in a new category for your brand. The ASIN will need to be created for us to load a size chart.

You should not load a new size chart for each new ASIN. There is one size chart per Marketplace - Brand – Department – product type combination. If you already have a size chart for dresses, it will extend automatically to your new dress ASINs of the same brand when you create them in the same marketplace.

Information to include in your size chart

Local and other country sizes

The local size is the most important information and the actual size a customer will be selecting for their purchase.

This information is particularly important for shoes (for example, there is no universal translation for EU size to UK size).

Important: If you mention several local sizes on your label, be sure that your size chart aligns with your labels.


When providing a measurement, provide the body measurement for which a certain size is supposed to fit. These measurements can be 1 value or a range. They will have to be provided in the local metrics unit.

Manufacturer and label size

In some cases, we ask for the manufacturer or label size. While the local size is the most important for customers and the one they will select when purchasing a product, we understand that your product might be labeled according to another size scheme. In this case, mention your label size so that customers are informed prior to receiving their products.

How many size charts can I provide?


Size charts are available for Rings. A brand can provide 1 size chart for each department mentioning size, diameter, and circumference.

We are not able to provide image-based size charts for rings.


For shoes, each brand can provide 1 size chart per department. For Unisex products you will need to provide 1 size chart for each department.

The following list provides the different departments:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Baby


For each brand you can provide 1 size chart per Marketplace - Brand – Department – Product type combination.

For Unisex products you must provide 1 size chart for each department (for example, Boys and Girls, Men and Women).


Size charts can include several sub-tables to accommodate product sub-categories and special sizes. For example, the US Women Pants size chart include:

  • Jeans
  • Jeans – Plus Size
  • Jeans – Petite
  • Jeans – Curvy
  • Jeans – Curvy Plus
  • Rompers
  • Pants
  • Pants – Plus Size
  • Pants – Petite

Tables that are empty will not appear on the website. If you do not sell Rompers, you can leave this table empty.

There is 1 size chart per Marketplace - Brand – Department – Product Category (PTD) combination.

Note: Girls, Boys, and Baby have 1 size chart for all garments. The size includes several sub-tables to accommodate tops, bottoms, etc.

The following are the Men and Women product categories:

  • Accessories (gloves and belts)
  • Adult costumes (for example, Halloween costumes)
  • Blazer
  • Bra
  • Dress
  • Ethnic wear
  • Hat
  • Outerwear
  • Pants (includes jeans)
  • Shirts (includes tops)
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Sleepwear (for example, top, bottoms, and nightgowns)
  • Socks and Hosiery
  • Suit
  • Sweater
  • Swimwear (for example, bikini tops, bottoms, and one-piece)
  • Underwear (for example, panties, camisoles, shapewear, bustiers, and corsets)

How to fill out the template

The templates are country-specific. Mandatory and optional information will be different based on each country's specific needs. The metric unit (inches or cm) will also be localized depending on the country.

The templates are Excel files with hidden markers (column A) that will allow us to load and understand the information in the tables. Do not add and delete rows or columns. Our system will not recognize the template and the load would fail.

Size chart header and title

You cannot edit the size chart header or title.

Your Brand's name will automatically be added to the size chart Title, for example "Levi's Women shirts size chart".

Table header

If you are selling a peculiar sub-category of products, you can edit the table headers.

Note: The column headers and mandatory or optional values can be modified.

Column headers

The following might have a minor difference in translation from one country to another:

  • Manufacturer and label size: Your label size if it is different from the local size.
  • US and other countries: The local size is mandatory and it should match the size customers are going to choose in the drop-down menu when purchasing their products.
  • Bust, waist, hip, and other body measurements: You can enter the exact body measurement for the garment or enter a range (for example, waist (inches): 29 – 31).


Rows are numbered. Please do not add rows even if they are missing. Contact Seller Services if you find that the current table does not allow you to provide the correct information.

The rows you leave unfilled will not appear in the size chart.


Note: Only enter data in the highlighted sections.
  • Ranges: Ensure ranges are specified with the numbers, spaces, and a hyphen (for example, 13 - 45 with no leading or trailing spaces). Otherwise, Excel will interpret this as a subtraction operation.
  • Fractions: Convert fractions to decimal representations as much as possible (for example, 3 1/2 should be written as 3.5). For specific brand sizes like Adidas 1/3, change the cell format to "fraction" otherwise "36 1/3" will become "36.33333".
  • HTML: These tags are not permitted.

Save and upload your template

In order to upload a size chart, Seller Support will require the following information for each template:

  • Marketplace
  • Department (for example, Men, Women, Baby)
  • Product type (for example, shirt, shoes, All PTD for kids)
  • A sample Parent ASIN

You can either add this information in your email to Seller Support or if you are loading multiple templates at once we recommend including this information in the file name.

If there are no Item Data Quality issues, publishing takes up to 24 hours from upload time.

You can request a change to the size chart tables if:

  • You cannot find a table matching your product.
  • You see important columns are missing.
  • You are missing rows to be able to provide your size information.
Note: Any change you request will go to our category managers who will accept or deny them.

If you are requesting a new table for a missing product type, clarify you are making a request for a well-assigned product clearly in Softlines (Fashion).

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