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Troubleshooting Suppressed and Active Deals

Troubleshooting Suppressed Deals

You will see a warning at the top of the Manage Deals page, if any of your Deals become suppressed. Click View these Deals link in the warning to locate the Deals that require your attention. You can also find your suppressed Deals by filtering the Status filter to Needs Attention and click Edit to open the Deal and view the specific changes that are needed. Within the Product Details and Pricing section of your Deal, you’ll find the fields outlined in red or a warning icon indicating the specific error. Click the icon to get a brief description of the error.

Note: These errors must be resolved 25 hours before the scheduled start time of the Deal to avoid cancellation.

Types of errors and how to resolve them

Error Description Resolution
Deal Price Error Deal price is higher than the Maximum Deal price.
Note: The Maximum deal price takes into consideration the lowest price from any seller with an offer on the product in New condition.
Reduce your Deal price so that it meets or is lower than the Maximum Deal price.
Quantity for Deal Error Quantity for Deal is lower than the Minimum deal quantity. Increase the Quantity for Deal so that it meets or exceeds the Minimum Deal quantity.

Troubleshooting active Deals

Deal is active but can’t find it in Amazon Stores.

  1. Confirm that the Deal wasn’t canceled and still shows as Active in the Manage Deals section of the Deals Dashboard.
  2. If the Deal is Active, identify the category that the ASIN(s) belong to using any of the following methods:
    1. Open the Amazon detail page of the ASIN(s) participating in the deal and locate the category that is listed directly above the main image.
    2. Locate the Category (item-type) assigned to the ASIN(s) or parent ASIN from your Manage Inventory page in Seller Central:
      1. Search for the ASIN within Manage Inventory and click Edit. For ASIN(s) with variations, search for the parent ASIN and click Edit.
      2. The Category (item-type) can be found alongside the product summary information.
  3. On the Today’s Deals page on Amazon, use the filters to view Active Lightning Deals or Savings and Sales for 7-day Deals and select the Department that corresponds to the Category (item-type) you identified in step 2.
  4. If you are still unable to find your active deal, see the following section below. If your Deal is not showing up in any category on Today’s Deals then contact Selling Partner Support.

Deal shows up in wrong category or under Everything Else on the Today’s Deals page

The category of the ASIN or parent ASIN will also be the category that the Deal will surface in on Today’s Deals. If your Deal shows up under the Everything Else department, the category of the ASIN(s) or parent ASIN participating in the deal could be invalid or missing.

  1. If your Deal is showing up under the wrong category or under Everything Else, contact Selling Partner Support to update the category of the ASIN or parent ASIN.
  2. In some cases, you can change the category yourself. For more information, see Classify your products with Product Classifier.
Note: Category changes may take up to 24 hours to reflect on the Product Detail page.

Not all variations show up in my Deal

In some cases, deals with variations may continue to run even when certain child variations fail to meet the Deal criteria. This would result in only the eligible ASINs participating in the deal while the ineligible ASINs become suppressed. However, if too many variations are suppressed then it could result in the entire Deal becoming suppressed or canceled. If you find that not all variations are showing up in your Deal, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Deal from the Deals Dashboard to confirm if the missing variations are suppressed. If suppressed, review the errors and take the necessary steps to fix the suppression.
  2. Confirm that variations missing from your Deal have active offers and have not been changed to Inactive (Closed) within Manage Inventory.
  3. Confirm that the missing variations are still assigned to the original parent ASIN from when the Deal was first created.

Deal does not show up on the Product Detail page

Running a Deal does not guarantee that you will win the Featured offer.

  1. If you do not find your Deal active on the Product Detail page, check if a different seller is the Featured Offer.
  2. Try lowering your Deal price to improve your chances of being the Featured Offer.

Troubleshooting Technical Errors

If you receive the error message “A technical error occurred” when trying to view your Deal then it’s possible that one or more of the SKUs or ASINs in the Deal have a Status of “Inactive (Closed)” in Manage Inventory. Search for the SKU(s) participating in the Manage Inventory to determine if any have a Status of Inactive (Closed). If so, click Relist so that the SKU(s) is no longer listed as Inactive (Closed).

Another reason that a technical error can occur is if one or more SKUs or ASINs in the deal were deleted entirely from your inventory. In Manage Inventory, search for the SKUs that are participating in the deal to confirm that they still exist in your inventory. Add any SKU and ASIN that was deleted, back into your inventory.


If the steps above do not resolve the technical error then you will need to cancel the Deal experiencing the technical error and create a new Deal. You can cancel Deals directly within the Manage Deals page by clicking the Edit drop-down menu then Cancel Deal.

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