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This article applies to selling in: Brazil

How to setup Scheduled Delivery

  1. The first step to setup Scheduled Delivery (SchD) is to go to Settings > Shipping settings and then either create a new shipping template or edit an existing one.
    1. Once you open the shipping template, scroll the page all the way down and select the SchD ship option.
  2. Setup the SchD timeslots. According to the Brazilian consumer’s laws, you must offer three different time slots: 7am-11pm, 12pm-6pm and 7pm-11pm.
    1. Before setting up the timeslots, remember to check with your carrier(s) how their SchD process work and days of availability.
    2. After consulting your carrier(s) SchD process, you can start the setup by clicking on Add delivery window and selecting the desired timeslots (like the ones below), than save.
    3. If for some reason you wish to edit a timeslot created, just click on top of the created timeslot and the Edit Delivery Window will open as displayed below. Once you finish editing, or adding timeslots, click on Save, and you will be ready to go to the next step.
  3. The next step is to select the regions you wish to enable the SchD ship option.
    1. You can configure it either by Per Item/Weight-Based or Price Banded, depending on your rate model you have selected at the top of the shipping template.
    2. If you wish to enable SchD nationwide under the Per Item/Weighted-Based rate model, do the following:
      1. Setup the Available Delivery days (in business days).
      2. Define a shipping fee per order and Kg.
      3. If you decide to enable for a specific region (São Paulo Capital), or group of regions like Southeast states, you need to click on Edit under regions and select the Southeast region to generate the following option.
      Note: You can setup a specific shipping fee and available delivery days for each of the 53 regions. Input the correct Available Delivery days and Shipping Fees according to your Carrier(s).
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