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Send to Amazon FAQ

What is Send to Amazon?

Send to Amazon is the shipment creation workflow with a streamlined process that requires few steps to send or replenish your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory.

Send to Amazon lets you create reusable packing templates to provide box content information, box weight and dimensions, and prep and labeling details for your SKUs. Once you save those details in a template, you will not have to re-enter them for each shipment, saving you time on replenishment.

Important: Send to Amazon currently supports small-parcel shipments of single-SKU boxes. Less-than-truckload and full-truckload (pallet) shipments and multi-SKU boxes are currently not supported.

How can I create a shipment using Send to Amazon?

To learn how to create FBA shipments with Send to Amazon see here

Is Send to Amazon available in Marketplace Web Services (MWS)?

No, at this time, Send to Amazon is available only in Seller Central.

Can I convert SKUs to FBA using Send to Amazon?

No, only SKUs that already have been converted to FBA are displayed in step 1 of the shipment workflow: Choose inventory to send. To learn how to convert SKUs to FBA, see Getting started with Fulfillment by Amazon .

How do I see my shipping plan?

Before approving shipments in step 2 of the workflow, Confirm shipping, you can leave Send to Amazon and pick up where you left off. To see workflow details from shipments that have been confirmed, go to your Shipping Queue and click on the shipment to see the summary page.

Can I merge shipments?

Shipments created through Send to Amazon cannot be merged with any other shipment.

How do I provide box content information in Send to Amazon?

Box content information is collected when you create a packing template. As long as the template information matches the contents of your box, no additional box content information is required.

Send to Amazon step 1: Choose inventory to send

What are the “All FBA SKUs” and “SKUs ready to send” tabs?

All FBA SKUs displays all SKUs converted to FBA for the marketplace destination selected.SKUs ready to send lets you review just the SKUs you’ve selected to send to a fulfillment center.

What is "Ship from"?

This is the address from which your inventory is shipped. This address will be autofilled based on the address registered in your CNPJ.

Can I ship products from a different address than the “Ship From” address?

No, you will be expected to ship the items only from the address mentioned on the “Ship From” address field.

How do I create my first packing template?

Go to your Shipping Queue and click Send to Amazon. In the list of your available FBA SKUs, click Create packing template for the SKU you want to work on.

For more information, see Create shipments with Send to Amazon.

How do I edit or create additional packing templates for a SKU?

From step 1 in the workflow, click View/edit for a SKU packing template. To edit an existing template, select the name of the template you want to edit from the Packing template drop-down menu and click Edit packing template. To create a new template for that SKU, click the Packing template drop-down menu and select Create packing template.

How many packing templates can I create per SKU?

You can create a maximum of three packing templates per SKU.

What are box dimensions and weights?

In the packing template, the box dimensions and weight fields correspond to the box you’ll hand off to your carrier. Dimensions are the outside dimensions of the box, and the weight is the total weight of the packed shipping box, including dunnage.

What is prep and labeling?

For each packing template, we need to know how your items are prepped and labeled. If prep instructions are known for your SKU, they will be displayed in the packing template. If they are not known, select them when you create the template. For more information, see Packaging and prep requirements.

How do I print item labels?

There are two ways to print item labels:

  • In step 1: From the list of SKUs, find the SKU you’re labeling. Click Get unit labels, then set the Unit label printing format, enter the number of labels to print, and click Print.
  • In step 3: From View contents, set the Unit label printing format, find the SKU or SKUs you’re labeling, enter the number of labels to print, and click Print.

I resolved an error in my packing template. Why do I keep seeing the error message?

If your packing template shows an error message and you have resolved it, re-save your packing template. This will refresh the eligibility checks on the SKU. If the error has been resolved, you will no longer see the error message.

Send to Amazon step 2: Confirm shipping

Can I leave in the middle of the workflow and come back to finish?

You can leave the workflow at any point and return to the place you left. You can have only one open workflow at a time.

Can I modify SKUs/quantities?

You can modify SKUs or quantities before you confirm shipping.

Once you’ve confirmed shipping, you cannot make modifications. If changes are required, you must cancel all the shipments in the workflow and start over.

Why do I have to provide a ship date?

Telling us the date on which you expect to hand your inventory to your carrier lets us plan for the arrival of your inventory and avoid unnecessary delays. If your expected ship date changes after you confirm your shipment you can update this field in step 3 of the workflow: Print shipping labels.

What happens when I confirm a shipment?

When you confirm your shipment, you agree to the shipment destinations.

Once confirmed, a shipment ID is generated for each destination. This ID can be used to see shipment details, tracking, and reconciliation information from your Shipping Queue.

What if I need to cancel my shipment?

You can cancel your shipment by clicking on the Cancel shipments and Invoices button at the bottom of the page.

When you cancel a shipment the invoice and any scheduled FC appointment will also be cancelled. Please note that an Invoice will only be canceled if it is generated within last 24 hours. We will not be able to cancel an Invoice after 24 hours of generation.

Voiding will cancel all shipments you created and move them into cancelled status in your Shipping Queue.

Send to Amazon step 3: Generate Invoice and Print labels

Is filling carrier information mandatory?

No. The carrier information is not mandatory in the process. The information provided in this section will be updated on the ‘TRANSPORTADOR’ section of the Invoice. If you do not want to provide this information you can select ‘I will not provide carrier details’ from the drop down. We recommend taking tax guidance from an external accountant to decide the best approach you should follow for your Invoices.

Can I update the carrier details later?

You can edit the carrier information until you click on the Generate Invoice button.

Can I leave in the middle of the workflow and comeback and finish?

Yes, the details will be auto saved where you left. You can come back and update the information at a later time.

Is it mandatory to generate an Invoice in the Send to Amazon workflow?

Yes, for us to receive your shipments without any issues, it is mandatory to generate an Invoice in the Send to Amazon workflow.

Will my carrier details be AutoSaved once provided?

Yes, the carrier details will be auto saved once provided. Next time you create a shipment using the same carrier, the details will be auto filled. You can edit the details by clicking on the edit button.

Note: We will only save the information for a carrier from the previous shipment.

How do I print the inbound invoice?

Once an inbound invoice is generated you can click on the ‘Print Invoice’ button besides the access code. This will download the pdf file of the invoice (DANFe) on your computer which you can print.

Note: A printed version of the invoice (DANFe) needs to be attached outside of each box.

How can I cancel Invoice in SellerCentral?

You can cancel the Invoice by clicking on the Cancel Shipments and Invoices at the bottom of the page. An Invoice can only be canceled in Seller Central if it is generated within last 24 hours. We will not be able to cancel an Invoice after 24 hours of generation.

Note: When canceling an invoice you will also cancel the shipment and any FC appointment scheduled.

How do I download the inbound invoices?

During the shipment creation process you can download the PDF version of the Invoice (DANFe). After a shipment is created successfully, you can download the XML (NFe) and PDF (DANFe) versions in the Invoice section of the shipment summary page that can be accessed from Shipping Queue or in the Invoicer console

How do I print box labels?

In step 3, after invoices are generated, you will be able to download FBA box labels for each box in your shipment and print them out.

Note: You must to apply an FBA box label to every box sent to Amazon.

How can I book an FC appointment?

Book appointment section will automatically appear in the workflow if you have selected Self Ship or other 3P carrier as a carrier for the shipment. You can book an appointment by clicking on the Book Appointment button.

Note: Please ensure you or the carrier report at the fulfilment center at the scheduled time. Deliveries without an appointment or outside of the scheduled time will be rejected.

How do I rename my shipment?

You can rename shipments that you have confirmed by clicking Rename under each shipment name in step 3.

What happens when I mark a shipment as shipped?

When you indicate that your shipment was handed off to your carrier, the shipment moves to shipped status. Once it's in shipped status, our fulfillment centers know to prepare to receive your inventory, avoiding unnecessary delays.

How can I access workflow details from previously created shipments?

You can get information about all confirmed shipments from your Shipping Queue and search for them using the shipment ID.Clicking on a shipment from the Shipping Queue will take you to the summary page. There you can track your shipment, see shipment contents, and reconcile inventory.

What happens if there is an overage in my shipment that was not declared on the original Invoice?

If we identify an overage in the shipment, Amazon will automatically generate an inbound invoice to cover for the overage units. You will see an additional section in the shipment summary page > Invoices with the details of the Overage invoice and a link to download the XML and PDF version of the overage Invoice.

How do I fill the carrier information to be provided on the Invoice?

The information provided during the shipment creation process will be declared on the Invoice. Amazon cannot provide you Tax guidance. For additional clarifications please reach out to your Tax consultant or your accountant.

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