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How to prevent an A-to-z Guarantee Claim?

To prevent A-to-z Guarantee Claims (“Claim”), we suggest that you follow these best practices:

  1. Shipping
    • Include valid tracking for all deliveries: Tracked shipments allow customers to see the status of their delivery without needing to contact you. Amazon will grant a delivery-related claim in the customer’s favor if you have not provided tracking details. For more information, go to Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) and Order Defect Rate. You can edit order tracking information by going to Orders, and then Manage Orders. Enter the Order ID into the Advanced Search. Once you find the correct order, click Edit Shipment and provide the revised tracking number.
    • Use carriers that can provide proof of delivery upon request.
    • Require signature confirmation: A signature helps Amazon determine if a customer has received their item(s). If it is unclear if an item has been delivered (for example, if we cannot establish via other tracking information that the item was delivered to the customer), a customer’s claim is more likely to be granted which is why a signature confirmation is helpful.
    • Confirm shipments before expected ship date: Make sure the courier picking up deliveries first scans the customer’s package(s) on or before the ‘ship by’ date. It is important to confirm that you have sent orders on or before the expected ship date so that customers can see the status of their order and understand when to expect delivery without the need to contact you. Failure to ship on time negatively impacts your Late Shipment Rate and makes it more likely that a Claim will be granted in the customer’s favor.
    • Ensure delivery is completed before the Estimated Delivery Date: Notify the customer if a delivery is delayed.
  2. Products
    • Describe products accurately and provide clear images. This helps ensure that customers have clear expectations about your products. Your products must match the correct ASIN and you must assign the correct condition. For more information, go to Condition guidelines.
    • Promptly cancel any out-of-stock orders.Email customers to let them know why their order was cancelled so they are not waiting for their items to arrive.
  3. Customer Service
    • Respond to customers within 48 hours:If customers reach out to you, promptly respond to ensure a good customer experience. If a customer is requesting a return, direct the customer to submit a return request. Failure to respond to a customer’s message or to authorize a return request (whichever is applicable) within 48 hours increases the chances of a claim being automatically granted in the customer’s favor.
    • Refund customers proactively. If customers contact you for a refund, promptly provide the refund so that they do not need to file a claim.
  4. Returns
    • Authorize a Return Request within 48 hours: Always authorize a return request based on order’s return eligibility. If you wish to refund the customer’s payment, you may choose to request that the customer return the item before you process the refund. Failure to authorize a return request within 48 hours may result in a claim being granted in the customer’s favour and an immediate debit to your account.
    • Communicate clear instructions to customer on return process.
      • If you authorize a return request and you wish for the item to be returned, always provide a local return address or a prepaid return label and guidelines on how to return the product.
      • If you authorize a return request and you do not wish for the item to be returned, proactively refund the customer in full and clarify that the they need not return the item(s).
      • If you close a return request, always clarify the reason for rejecting the request.

Note: The A-to-z Guarantee policy applies to all customers, including Amazon Business customers.

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