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FBA Onsite transportation, packaging, and shipping 

Who schedules pickup from my FBA Onsite location and delivery to customers?

Amazon arranges carrier pickup of Onsite orders from your facility.

The Amazon warehouse management system (WMS) automatically selects the carrier and shipping method for each order. The per-unit fees are the same no matter the carrier or shipping method.

  • Once you use the WMS to pick, pack, print and apply shipping labels, give your packages to the assigned carrier.
  • In the WMS, click Ship Packages to complete the orders, and that is it!
  • You can track your orders in Seller Central, just like FBA orders.

How do I print shipping labels for my packages?

Shipping labels print automatically in the WMS during the “Ready to Pack” stage.

Can I reprint shipping labels manually?

Yes. In the WMS, go to the Order page for the shipment label you want to reprint. Click Actions and select Print Shipping Label.

Why aren’t my shipping labels printing in the WMS?

  • Have you provided your Box Configurations? During launch, you should have provided Amazon with a list of the boxes and box dimensions you use.
    1. To add Box Configurations to the list you provided during launch, contact FBA Onsite Seller Support to request changes
    2. To print your current shipping label that had a box or product incompatibility error:
      1. On the Pack screen where you scan the items to ship, click the edit pencil icon under Box Name and change it to Custom
      2. Enter dimensions that are large enough to contain the package dimensions on the Pack screen
  • The ASIN dimensions are not correct in the system. Therefore, it appears that the item does not fit in any of your boxes. Follow the steps above to print your current shipping label with a box or product incompatibility error. Also see Correct an Error on a Product Detail Page to prevent the issue from recurring.
  • After the customer ordered it, the item was classified as a dangerous good (hazardous material). If your site was not set up for dangerous goods fulfillment, or you sell a type of hazardous material that is not fulfillable through FBA Onsite, the system will not allow fulfillment of the product.
    1. To confirm the item is a dangerous good, go to Inventory > Product Information in WMS and search on the ASIN. You will see a “Hazmat” attribute. If the “Hazmat Exception” is anything other than “Unregulated” then the product is considered a dangerous good.
    2. You must cancel the order if your Onsite facility is not authorized to process dangerous goods, or if the item is an FBA prohibited product.
    3. Next, remove all ineligible dangerous goods from your Onsite location using the LOST adjustment.
    4. To avoid this issue, do not receive dangerous goods products into your warehouse or ensure you enter the correct dangerous goods information when creating FBA listings.
  • The order contains a gift message and your laser printer is not configured for gift messages or packing slips.

Do I have to wrap packages? How do I print gift messages for gift orders?

Yes. Onsite gift orders refer to gift wrap and messages on packing slips.

If your gift note or packing slip does not print, follow the steps below to confirm that your Pack Station has the correct printer configurations.

  1. On the home screen, go to the Management tab
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Pack Stations
  3. Click your Pack Station name
  4. Follow the link to view your Pack Station
  5. You will need to set up a laser printer for packing slips. The same laser printer you use for pick-list printing should work.
  6. Follow the steps below to set up your laser printer for packing slips:
    1. Locate the IP address for your laser printer (usually on a test-print page).
    2. Click on the Management tab from the home screen
    3. Choose Pack Stations from the drop-down menu
    4. Click on your Pack Station name
    5. Follow the link to view your Pack Station
    6. Click Add Printer on the top right
    7. Choose Packing Slip from the drop-down menu
    8. Enter the laser printer IP address in the Address field
    9. Click Submit
    10. You may need to restart Java to see your changes.

What does "ships in own container" (SIOC) mean?

This means an item ships in its own container without over-boxing or additional dunnage. .

You can see if your product is SIOC on the Ready to Pack page of the WMS under Box Name as you pack items for an order.

What do I do if a carrier does not show up?

Contact FBA Onsite Seller Support and ask them to follow up with the carrier. You can also deliver the packages to your local carrier to preserve the customer experience. Please do not clip the “Ship Packages” button within the WMS until after the carrier has received the packages.

Do I need to be present for carrier pickups?

Yes. You or someone from your site must witness the package pickup to confirm that the carrier has the packages. Then, go to WMS and click Ship Packages.

What is a CPT?

Carrier pick-up time is the scheduled time carriers arrive at your site to pick up your orders. All orders must be packed and ready for pickup by the CPT.

How do I schedule or change a CPT?

Contact FBA Onsite Seller Support and provide the carrier and CPT you want to add. FBA Onsite Seller Support contacts the Carrier to confirm if your request can be accommodated. Once the carrier agrees, your CPT will be updated in the Warehouse Management System.

The wrong time zone is showing when I download my order details.

Please contact Onsite Seller Support and request a CPT change. Explain that the CPT is correct, but the time zone is not.

If you do not correct this error, you may have CPTs scheduled with a same-day expected ship date.

This results in late shipments when the packages do not ship until the following day. This can negatively affect your performance metrics.

If I already have a carrier pick up my packages at my facility, can I use the same pickup for my FBA Onsite packages?

You may request to have your FBA Onsite CPTs match your current carrier schedule and use the same carrier truck for both FBA Onsite and other shipments.

The carrier noted on the shipping label must be the same as the carrier picking up the packages. You cannot share a single truck between multiple carriers.

Do CPTs matter?

Yes. CPTs ensure on-time delivery to customers. CPTs drive your FBA Onsite performance metric for on-time shipments.

If your packages are not ready to go by the CPT, the carrier is not required to wait and risk additional transit delays.

If the CPT in the WMS does not match the time the carrier picks up shipments from your site, please contact FBA Onsite Seller Support to have your CPT in the system updated.

What types of packaging can I use? Can I use my own branded boxes and tape?

No. You must use blank boxes and tape.

Can I include a note to my customers in the box?

Yes. We ask that you limit your messages to thank-you notes.

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