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Irregular products

What are Irregular products?

Irregular products are products which present or may present issues regarding safety or quality to the consumer.

The suspension of the sale, distribution, manufacture, import, advertising and use of an irregular product may be required by a government agency, regulatory or consumer protection agency, or by the manufacturer, supplier, importer or by Amazon itself, in accordance with the its internal policies. The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa), the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro), the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL), the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon) and the Consumer Protection and Defense Programs of States are some of the government agencies in Brazil that can notify a product as irregular.

What is Amazon's policy for Irregular products?

Amazon forbids any person or company from selling irregular or illegal products, regardless if the notification of irregularity was not issued by the respective government agency. Amazon removes all detail pages and suppresses the ASIN until all reinstatement requirements are met.

What happens after a product is notified as irregular?

After a public or private Irregular product notification is issued Amazon will:

  • Suppress the related ASIN.
  • Remove all related detail pages.
  • Cancel pending orders and notify the affected customers by email.
  • Block available inventory.
  • Cancel purchase orders.
  • Notify customers who may have purchased the irregular products.
  • Notifies selling partners about the possible product safety and/or quality issue.

What should I do as a seller of Irregular products?

Amazon sellers are responsible for all products listed on Amazon and for complying with Amazon's policies and applicable laws.

If your listing has been suppressed because it was related to an irregular product notification, you will be notified by the Amazon Product Safety Team via email. After receiving this email, please review your inventory and remove any of your listings that may be affected. Do not ship any pending orders yourself. Any further listing of these products on Amazon may result in a suspension or permanent removal of your selling privileges.

You have 30 calendar days from the date you receive the email from Amazon Product Safety team to remove your irregular products inventory from our fulfillment centers. Amazon will automatically dispose any units of these products that remain in our fulfillment center beyond 30 calendar days after the email notification, without reimbursement or additional notice to you.

How do I request inventory removal from Amazon fulfilment centers?

Please visit the Remove inventory (overview) help page for more information on how to remove inventory from Amazon fulfilment centers.

How can I reactivate my product after it has been notified as irregular?

After doing what is described in "What happens after a product is notified as irregular?", Amazon Product Safety team will send you an email with a link with more information regarding the notification of irregularity. This link is important to identify products that may be irregular.

To reinstate your offer, you must send a letter of compliance through Seller Central. The letter must at contain the following information:

  • Letter must be from the manufacturer, on the manufacturer's letterhead, and signed by a relevant stakeholder such as the person responsible for product quality or a legal representative.
  • Brief statement (one to two sentences) about the reason behind the notification of irregularity from the government agency and detailing how the product complies with all regulatory standards.
  • ASIN number and product title of any of the affected product for which you are requesting reinstatement.
  • How the current and incoming inventory are not subject to the recall and is compliant with all regulatory standards.
  • Letter must be submitted in PDF or Word document format.

Amazon Product Safety team will review your letter of compliance and, if approved, your products will be reactivated in Amazon's website.

If you are a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) seller, before sending the letter of compliance, remove your irregular product inventory.

If you do not agree with the decision and want appeal the suppression, contact the Seller Support and provide all relevant information and documentation. Amazon Product Safety team will review the provided information and, if assured that the product complies with all regulatory standards, reactivate the offer.

What will happen if I do not follow Amazon's Irregular products policy?

If you do not provide a letter of compliance and remove all inventory, your offer will remain suppressed indefinitely.

If you move your suppressed offer under a different ASIN, or create a new listing, your Amazon selling privileges may be suspended or permanently removed.

Amazon reserves the right to make judgments in its sole discretion about whether a listing presents customer safety issues.

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