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Product Safety Investigation


Product Safety Investigation

Product Safety Investigation is a series of activities we do to protect our customer safety. Product safety issues may include, but are not limited to, accident, injury, fire, explosion, or thermal expansion. In order to prevent or minimize the spread of safety risks, we may temporarily suspend your products from selling on our store during a Product Safety Investigation.

Product Safety Investigation Policy

We prioritize customer safety first and foremost when conducting Product Safety Investigations. We do not allow Selling Partners to list products with safety issues. Selling Partners are responsible for ensuring that their products are safe and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards/practices and Amazon regulations. We expect and require, as per Amazon’s policy, that Selling Partners supply us with safe products.

What to do if my ASIN has been supressed

We will send you an email notification from the alias with a description of the issue and the reason why your ASIN has been suppressed. We also provide information in the notification for listing reinstatement, what documents should be submitted (if any), and the next steps to take. The subject title of the email will be "Problema de Segurança do Produto - ASIN XXXXXXXXX". If you are unable to locate the email, ensure that your primary email address is updated on Seller Central and reach out to Selling Partner Support for more assistance. You will have 7 days from the sent date to responded with needed information until your case will be closed. If you need more time to respond to the case, you can request it by replying to the email or on the Case Log in Seller Central.

What does "Inventory without active offers due to product safety issues" mean?

Inventory without active offers is inventory that is physically blocked in the Fulfillment Centers due to possible quality, safety, commercial, or legal problems with a particular product. When the problem is related to product safety, it is called "inventory without active offers due to product safety problems".

What do I do if my ASIN is in an Inventory without active offers due to product safety issues?

If your inventory is blocked, you must either reinstate the product offers (ASIN) or remove/destroy inventory. To reinstate product offers, you must submit the necessary documents or tests to prove the safety of the product. Upon Amazon's review and approval of such documents or tests, the ASIN(s) will be reinstated. If the safety documents are not submitted within the timeframe specified in the last email sent, or if they are not compliant, the inventory must be removed from the fulfillment centers or destroyed.

How will I know if my inventory will be destroyed or returned?

You must contact either your Amazon partner or seller support to determine whether your inventory will be removed or destroyed.

How do I request inventory removal from Amazon fulfillment centers?

You must contact your Amazon partner / seller support to create a request to remove your products from our Fulfillment Centers. Please use the Inventory removal overview.

The recommended timeframe for removal of inventory is 30 calendar days after the deletion of the ASIN(s) due to product security issues. If the deadline is not met, the product may be destroyed.

How can I get my ASIN reinstated?

To successfully reinstate ASIN offers impacted by a product safety investigation, we may require documents to prove the safety and compliance of the product. Use the link provided in the e-mail notification with the subject title "Problema de Segurança do Produto - ASIN XXXXXXXXX" to upload the required documents. It is important to provide the requested documentation within 7 calendar days from the last email sent.

Share the safety certification, the name of the certifying agency, and the certificate number corresponding to the product and model involved in the safety issue. If you share an electronic safety certification, make sure that you provide the name of the agency and certificate number. This certification must be approved by a regulatory agency and the testing must be performed by a certified company.

For products that do not require safety certification from regulatory agencies, but need to meet safety standards according to Brazilian norms and standards (such as NBRs), you must send Amazon valid certificates proving compliance with these standards.

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Note: As a seller, it is important that you understand and comply with Amazon's guidelines and policies on product safety and compliance. This could help increase your chances of succeeding as a seller on Amazon, as well as help you avoid practices that could lead to blocked listings, or even prevent you from selling on Amazon.
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