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Create a Promotion

You can run several types of promotions. Learn more about the types of promotions and their benefits.

Amazon restricts the following from certain kinds of promotional offers:

  • Books, Music, Video, and DVD (BMVD) products: Excluded from promotions. 
  • Breastfeeding-related products: Excluded from all promotions.

If you have an existing promotion that you want to use as a model for a new promotion, you can duplicate that promotion.

Choose the type of promotion you would like to run

In your seller account, under Advertising, click Promotions. In the Create a Promotion tab, click the Create button for the promotion type you want to offer.

After you select the type of promotion you’d like to create, specify the conditions for your promotion:

Step 1: Select conditions

  1. In the Buyer purchases drop-down list, choose the purchase threshold that will qualify your buyer for the promotion.

    Option Description
    At least this quantity of items Promotion applies when a customer purchases a specific number of eligible items in a single order. You must enter a whole number.
    At least amount (in currency) Promotion applies when a customer spends a certain amount of money or more on eligible items in a single order.

  2. In the Purchased Items drop-down list:
    • Choose Select another to select a list that is not included in the drop-down list.
    • Select Entire catalog to select every item in your inventory.
  3. In the Buyer gets drop-down list, choose one of the options that appear for your type of promotion.

    Option Description
    Percentage Off

    Percent off

    Must be between 1% and 99%.

    Fixed price for all items

    Promotion gives customers a fixed price for all X units of eligible items purchased in a single order. This option is only available when the promotion is set as Buyer purchases: for every quantity of items purchased.

    Note: When a promotion is configured to provide a total amount of monetary discount ($100, etc.), customers are able to spend that across multiple orders until they spend the total amount.

    Buy One Get One Use the default option of Free items.

  4. Set Advanced Options.

    Option Description
    Tiers (for Percentage Off promotions only) Create stackable promotions that will apply in increasing order. You can create up to 9 tiers. For example, buy 5 items and get 5% off, and buy 10 items and get 10% off. If you select Applies to Qualifying Item, tiers will not be available as an option.
    Exclude items Select a product list to exclude from the promotion. To select a list that is not included in the drop-doswn list, choose Select another.

Step 2: Schedule your promotion

Set a date range for your promotion in the Step 2: Scheduling box.

  1. Set the Start Date and time. The start date and time must be at least 4 hours in the future.
  2. Set the End Date and time.
  3. Set identifiers for your promotion by creating an Internal Description and Tracking ID. The tracking ID does not appear when buyers redeem a promotion offer. It exists for your use only.

Step 3: Additional options

In this section you can create a claim code or message for your promotion (which is optional). Otherwise, follow the remaining steps below.

  1. Click Review to check the information you entered about your promotion. To make any changes, click Back.
  2. Click Submit to finish creating your promotion.
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