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Build International Listings price rules

Build International Listings Price synchronisation: You can synchronize the List price or List price and sale price from your source marketplace to your target marketplaces. The price rule and currency exchange rate will be applied to the source marketplace price to determine the target marketplace price. The same method will be used to calculate the list price and sale price. If you change the price of an offer that is inactive in the source marketplace, the price will be updated in the target marketplace.

A sale price in the source marketplace will initiate a sale in the target marketplace. The sale price is synchronized only during the defined sale period. The sale price stops synchronizing when the sale period is complete or you remove the sale price from the source marketplace.

Price my offers: You can set up a price rule for each target marketplace and fulfillment method from the options shown in the tables below. If the target marketplace has a different currency than the source marketplace, the tool will convert the price based on exchange rates. After you connect source and target marketplaces, prices in the target marketplace are updated periodically to reflect exchange rate changes. The frequency of these updates may vary from daily to weekly.

Marketplace price rules apply to your entire inventory for the target marketplace and fulfillment method combination. Marketplace price rules cannot be set for individual ASINs or SKUs.

Marketplace price rules

Price rule example: For a source marketplace, you have a price of 10 and the currency exchange rate is 1 = 1.1262.

Price rule options You enter or select: Price in the source marketplace Price calculation Price in target marketplace
Same price as the source marketplace

10 10 x 1.1262 11.26
Fixed amount above the source marketplace price 1 10 (10 + 1) x 1.1262 12.39
Percentage above the source marketplace price + 5% 10 (10 x 1.05) x 1.1262 11.83
Percentage below the source marketplace price - 5% 10 (10 x 0.95) x 1.1262 10.70
Note: The tool will recalculate the prices of your offer in target marketplaces whenever you update a price rule. It may take up to four hours before the price changes are reflected in each target marketplace.

Remote Fulfillment with FBA price rule: The "same as the source marketplace, adjust for fulfillment fees" pricing rule applies only to inventory in the Remote Fulfillment with FBA program. Once enabled, the price rule will let you automatically adjust prices to account for the fulfillment fee and currency difference between the source and target marketplaces.

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