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Assign SKUs to shipping templates

In Shipping Settings, you can assign sets of SKUs to different shipping templates. There are two ways to assign SKUs, depending on how many changes you're making:

Use the Seller Central Manage Inventory page for up to 50 changes at a time:

In Manage Inventory, the shipping template name displays in the Price column for each SKU, underneath the price.

Note: The shipping price will not display if the SKU is out of stock.

  1. Select one or more of the SKUs you want to update.
  2. Click Actions in the top-left corner.
  3. Select Change shipping template.

Use feeds for more than 50 changes:

  • Excel feed: The Inventory Loader has a column called merchant_shipping_group_name. Use this feed to assign SKUs to Shipping Templates.

Check the shipping template assigned to a SKU

You can check which SKUs are assigned to which shipping templates in one of two ways:

From Manage Inventory:

  • In the Manage Inventory Page the Shipping template name is displayed next to the Price for each SKU. Click the template name to go to the template page.
  • In the Product Edit Page, which you can find by clicking Edit for a SKU on the Inventory Page. Once on the Product Edit Page, scroll down to find the Shipping Template assigned to the SKU.

From the Active Listings report:

  • Download the Active Listings report from Inventory Reports, and open the file in Excel (or copy paste from Notepad into Excel). Under the merchant-shipping-group column, you will see the assigned SKUs to each template.

Shipping overrides

Shipping overrides are no longer supported in Shipping Settings. Historical Shipping overrides data stored in Amazon's systems will no longer be enforced and new Shipping override feeds will not be processed. Sellers should use multiple shipping templates to configure different shipping settings for different SKUs instead.

Note: External applications that send Shipping overrides feeds to Amazon's systems will need to be updated to support the new MerchantShippingGroupName field in the Product XML feed. Using this field you can assign SKUs to a specific Shipping Template.

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