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Global Selling Fulfillment Options

Fulfilling customer orders can be one of the biggest challenges of selling globally. Amazon offers solutions that can help you.

Fulfilling orders on your own

If you want to fulfill your own orders, and you decide to ship orders to another country, be aware of the relevant customs requirements. The orders you ship to another country may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and fees charged by the destination country. Amazon will not be responsible for any customs duties and taxes

You can choose to use a private carrier, or you can mail packages through the postal system. Whichever carrier you select, contact them to find out shipping costs as well as any size, weight, or other restrictions.

Tip: If you decide to ship individual parcels, research business rates to manage your shipping costs. See a list of logistics companies.

Even if you do your own packing and shipping, Amazon provides tools and services to help streamline your business and to provide your buyers with a positive experience.

  • Seller Central. Just as when you sell in your home Amazon marketplace, the Seller Central portal provides access to the tools you need to manage your orders. You can see at a glance such information as how many orders you have to ship, your feedback rating, and your payments summary. The Amazon Selling Coach provides information that can help you manage your inventory and increase your sales.
  • Business analytics. Amazon provides reports for you to view and download. You can use these reports to keep track of sales trends, unshipped orders, inventory status, and more.
  • Buyer order communications and payment management. Amazon takes care of basic communications related to the customer order, such as confirming shipment with the buyer after you confirm to Amazon that you have shipped the order, collecting payment from the buyer, and crediting your account.
  • A-to-z Guarantee. In the rare event that a buyer requests reimbursement because an order never arrived or was different from what they expected, the A-to-z Guarantee program facilitates communication between you and the buyer to help make things right. The program helps increase customer satisfaction.

Note: (India), (China) and (Brazil) are not currently open to sellers based outside these countries.

Important: When you sell in any Amazon marketplace, your customer will be responsible for paying for returns to a local address. If you provide an international return address, you will need to reimburse them for international shipping fees.

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