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Registration and opt-out process

This page describes how to register for the Delivery by Amazon program.


If you are registered as a self-ship seller and has a Professional selling plan, we invite you to use the Delivery by Amazon program to deliver products to your customers using Amazon's partners logistics service providers (LSPs). To register, select Shipping Settings under the Settings tab and click the Accept button at the end of the page to start using Delivery by Amazon.

Note: Only the primary account holder has permission to sign-up for the Delivery by Amazon service and change settings.
Note: Delivery By Amazon is available for sellers with both CPF and CNPJ.

Follow the steps below to register for the Delivery by Amazon program:

  1. Enter your postal code to verify your eligibility.
  2. Enter your pickup address as follows:

    Postal code: 0000000

    Name for contact: full name

    Address 1: street, number complement

    Address 2: neighborhood

    City: city name

    Phone Number: dddxxxxxxxx

    Please note that currently Delivery by Amazon supports only a single pickup location.

  3. Click on Save to finish your registration.

If your pickup address is covered by Delivery By Amazon, the system will automatically give you a positive response when entering the postal code information

Note: If your pickup address is not covered by the program, it will not be saved by the system. If your address is not covered, apply here for an internal evaluation and we will contact you as soon as your postal code is eligible to join the program. Please contact Seller Support to learn more about your options. You can also refer to the Coverage help page to check if your location is available for the Delivery by Amazon program.
Note: It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the data indicated in the invoices issued to support your transactions are complete and correct. You are also responsible for ensuring that your information is accurate and matches the seller's information registered in the Delivery by Amazon program. Your invoice must be issued in the same state as your pickup address. It is not allowed to have invoices issued from a state other than your pickup address state.

Once you enroll in the Delivery by Amazon program:

  • You will fulfill all of your orders using Delivery By Amazon. Amazon's partners LSPs will pick up the packages from you and deliver them to your customers, except orders of oversized or dangerous items. You will need to prepare the packages for pickup and schedule the pickup from Seller Central. You should not ship any of the eligible Delivery By Amazon orders yourself, or using a third party courier.
  • Refer to the Product Restrictions help page for more details on products not allowed on Delivery By Amazon.

If you need to change your pickup address, go to Shipping Settings under the Settings tab and navigate to the Delivery by Amazon tab and edit you preferences.

In this page you can select your Pickup slot, Package dimensions, and Print preference settings.

  1. Pickup Slot: select the desired pickup slot for Delivery By Amazon. Pickups will always take place between 1PM and 6PM.
  2. Package Dimensions: if you want to register the dimensions of your packages, go to Package size preferences and select the Add a new package option. Inform the package name for reference and its dimensions.
  3. Print preference: select the One label per page option for formatting invoices and labels.


If you are a registered seller and want to opt-out from Delivery By Amazon please contact us through your Seller Central account accessing Help > Contact Us > Delivery By Amazon.

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