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How to process Delivery by Amazon orders

After you register for Delivery by Amazon, all of your eligible products will be converted to it automatically. All Delivery By Amazon orders must be shipped using the program's carrier and not self-shipping (self-shipping may impact your performance metrics). Use the following process to schedule a pickup with Delivery By Amazon and print shipping labels.

Note: If you have a CNPJ registered Seller Central account, you will need to upload an invoice for every package shipped. Follow below instructions to upload the invoice. In case you have a CPF registered Seller Central account, no invoice upload is needed. You may start from step 3.

On the Manage Orders page, click the Unshipped tab and select the order to which you want to upload invoice.

Note: All orders that can be delivered by Delivery By Amazon will only have the Schedule Pickup or Upload e-Invoice button, and you are required to deliver them using Delivery By Amazon once you sign up for the program. There is no separate requirement to confirm the order. Once your order has been picked up by the Logistic Services Provider (LSP), shipment will be confirmed automatically.
  1. On the Unshipped tab, select the Upload e-Invoice button.
  2. Drag and drop or upload the e-invoice and press Send.
    Note: Only the primary account owner is allowed to upload invoices.
  3. Go to the Unshipped tab, select the Schedule Pickup button.
  4. Add the Package Details, including weight and dimensions of the package. The weight informed for the package must consider all the packing materials and the package dimensions must be those of the outer-most shipping box.
    Note: Delivery By Amazon also does not support splitting a shipment into multiple packages. You have to ship all of products from the order in one single package.
  5. Select the Get Pickup Slots button to view the available slots in which your order can be picked up by the LSP. Select a date and time window during which you want the package to be picked up. If you schedule the order until 11 am, the pickup can happen on the same day between 1 pm and 6 pm. If you schedule the order after 11 am, you will only be able to schedule the pickup to the next day. It is not possible to edit the pickup time window, it will always occur from 1 pm to 6 pm.
    Note: When scheduling a pickup, take into consideration your preparation time, since after the 11 am cut-off time, collections can only be scheduled for the following day. We recommend that you keep the preparation time to one business day.
  6. Click the Schedule Pickup button.
  7. Go to the Shipped tab, select the Print Shipping Label button.
  8. To print the label, click the Print link given on the page. Once the label is successfully printed, you can go back to Manage Orders page to schedule a Delivery By Amazon pickup for another order.
    Note: The label needs to be clear and visible in the package without any obstructions. Issues with the label can lead to delay on your delivery. Learn more about best practices while packaging on Seller University.
    Note: Please make sure that you schedule pickups before the last slot on the Estimated Ship Date to avoid impacting performance metrics.
After your item is picked up by the LSP, your shipment is automatically confirmed. You don't have to explicitly confirm shipment for your Delivery By Amazon orders. Once the pickup by the LSP happens, we do the following:
  • Send a shipping confirmation email to the customer.
  • Update your order and the customer's account with the shipping information; the customer can then see and track the status online.
Note: We offer exclusive partnerships to Delivery By Amazon sellers to purchase Amazon Branded Packaging. Download the brochure for more information.
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