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Delivery by Amazon lost and damaged reimbursement policy

Note: As per Amazon's Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) policy, seller is accountable for handling customer contacts and refunds (including customer shipping charges, which will be returned to you through reimbursement request). In case you need more information about the shipment before issuing a customer refund, open a request with Amazon Seller Support. For losses incurred by the use of Delivery By Amazon Services, you may be eligible for a reimbursement. In those cases, Amazon may also issue the customer refund on your behalf.

Amazon will proactively reimburse sellers for the following cases:

  1. For lost, undeliverable or rejected by customer shipment which is not returned to seller even after 45 days from the refund date and Amazon customer service has made refunds to such customers of behalf of sellers by debiting seller account, Amazon will reimburse seller proactively within 45 days from the refund date.
  2. For orders, which are declared as "Damaged" and "Damaged-Disposed-Off" by Amazon/LSP (Logistics Service Provider) wherein the fault is not attributable to seller, Amazon will reimburse proactively within 45 days from the refund date. Refer below for further details on the product value to be reimbursed.

For items which are declared "Damaged" by Amazon/LSP, sellers will need to open a case for analysis. While raising the case for damaged reimbursement claims, the seller is required to provide certain information, detailed below, including images of the damage.

In order to improve seller experience and reduce the processing time for "Damaged" by Amazon/LSP reimbursement requests, please include all supporting documents and evidence required below. Incomplete requests may be closed and seller will be asked to open a new case for analysis with complete information.

Documentation checklist
Merchant ID & name
Tracking number
Copy/image of tracking label/packing slip
Image of the item received
Image of the damage to the item/product box
Image of the damage/tamper to the shipping box
Description of problem/damage
  • For orders lost in transit, Amazon will reimburse sellers for the net amount of the order (as if order was successfully delivered). However, Amazon may at its sole discretion, reimburse sellers based on the fair market value of the lost product, specially if the reimbursement request's value is not in accordance with such market value. While determining the fair market value, the product taxes applied on the order and any applicable selling on Amazon fees (including the referral fees) are excluded.
  • For orders damaged in transit, Amazon will reimburse sellers for the net amount of the order (as if order was successfully delivered). However, Amazon may at its sole discretion, reimburse the seller based on the above defined fair market value less any residual value.
  • Requests for reimbursement are not granted for cases where damages are due to improper packaging or other preventable reasons.
  • The reimbursement amount determined are final. No extra reimbursements over BRL 14,000.00 will be given for any particular disposition or damage type.
  • You may always choose to separately insure the shipments at your own cost and expense. For individual items with fair market value greater than BRL 14,000.00 or in general we recommend the sellers to consider third-party insurance. You may insure the shipments entrusted for carriage to the LSP at your own cost and expense.

At any point in time, if a seller is identified to have breached the terms of these return and refund policies or are found to be engaged in any fraudulent activity to avail such refund, Amazon will retain the right to recover such reimbursement amounts and/or take any action against the seller as per the terms of Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

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