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Amazon Partnered Carrier program

Amazon Carrier program option is available for small parcel deliveries (SPDs) shipments within all states in Brazil eligible to FBA.

SPDs consist of units that are packed in boxes, with each box individually labeled for delivery. SPDs boxes are limited to 22 kg in weight, 105 cm on the longest side and 280 cm of girth. If you receive your inventory from your supplier on a pallet, do not assume the boxes can be used for small parcel delivery as is.

For more information, visit Small parcel delivery to Amazon.

Amazon SPD carrier

Eligible carriers offer deeply discounted rates, and the cost is billed to your account as an inbound transportation charge. There is a 1kg minimum fee for carrier shipments. For shipments that weigh less than 1 kg, the minimum fee applies.

We will provide you a printable shipping label for you to print and use it with our carrier. Before generating the shipping labels, take a moment to review the details and check that all is correct. When you accept the charges and confirm the shipment in Step 2 of Send To Amazon, you will have 24 hours to complete Step 3 or the shipment will be automatically canceled. After the 24 hours window, all shipping fees will be charged.

After completing your shipment, give your package to the pickup driver.

Note: You can verify your pickup schedule and fee rates at FBA Inbound Service. Your pickup date will be available in up to 24 hours after shipment creation.
Important: During shipment creation, make sure that you select the correct ship from address. An incorrect ship from address may result in additional fees or missed pickup requests.

Billable weight and shipping cost calculation

Billable weight is used to estimate the shipping cost. The billable weight will be either the dimensional weight or the shipment weight, whichever is greater.

  • Shipment weight is the actual weight of your shipment based on the weight per box.
  • Dimensional weight reflects package density based on the box dimensions.

We estimate shipping cost based on the shipment packing information (box weights and dimensions) and the billable weight.

Note: You are responsible for providing accurate shipment information and for the actual cost of the shipment. Inaccurate information may result in the blocking of future shipments or an additional fee for noncompliance.

Send to Amazon: Shipment cancellation

You can cancel your Send to Amazon shipment by clicking on Void shipments and charges at the bottom of the page. Voiding will cancel all shipments that you created and move them into Canceled status in your Shipping Queue.

For more information, visit Send to Amazon: Change or cancel a shipment.

Important: Your fees will not be canceled even if the shipment is canceled after the cancellation time. Follow the instructions above to ensure that fees will not apply. If the cancellation time expires, you won’t be able to cancel the fees or receive a refund for them.

For more information, visit Amazon Partnered Carrier program FAQ

Amazon Partnered Carrier program

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