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Additional Inventory Report Formats

While the information you need to manage your inventory is also available through the standard reports as well as in your Manage Inventory section, the reports described below may be necessary for backwards compatibility to the systems you are using to manage your business.

These reports are provided as tab-delimited text files. You can open them in any spreadsheet or database program, such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel. Listing data and file columns can then be modified within the spreadsheet, and uploaded at any time using the Inventory Loader. For more information, see Using Reports to Update Inventory.

Note: If you have book listings, the product-id field in the below files will contain ISBNs. If you open the report in Microsoft Excel, the leading zeroes for ISBNs in the product-id column will be dropped by Excel. You can prevent this by using the import wizard and forcing the product-id column to be imported as text. See Microsoft Excel Help for more information.

Open Listings Report

The Open Listings Report contains detailed information about current open listings available for purchase at the time the report is generated.  The report is similar to the Active Listings Report. An important difference is that the Open Listings Report does not show listings with a quantity of zero (0). If you need to see your SKUs with out-of-stock inventory, you should use the full Active Listings Report instead.

Open Listings Lite and Liter Reports

These simplified versions of the Open Listings Report are useful for reconciling the price and quantity of the inventory you have for sale on the website with your own records. Because these reports are less detailed than the full report, they generate more quickly and allow you to turn around price and quantity updates faster.

The fields for each report are as follows:

Open Listings Lite Report

  • seller-sku
  • quantity
  • price
  • product ID

Open Listings Liter Report

  • seller-sku
  • quantity

Cancelled Listings Report

The Cancelled Listings Report contains all listings that were cancelled by Amazon within the past 30 days. It does not include items that were sold out, cancelled by the seller, or purged using the Inventory Loader or other inventory files.

Sold Listings Report

The Sold Listings Report contains any items sold via the website. You can request a report for listings sold in the past 7, 15, 30, or 60 days.

Data Fields for Additional Inventory Reports

Below is a list of fields that appear in the Open Listings Report, Cancelled Listings Report, and Sold Listings Report.

Open Listings Report Cancelled Listings Report Sold Listings Report
item-name item-name item-name
item-description item-description listing-id
listing-id seller-sku sku
seller-sku price price
price quantity shipping-fee
quantity image-url purchase-date
open-date item-is-marketplace buyer-email
image-url product-id-type buyer-nickname
item-is-marketplace item-note date-listed
product-id-type item-condition item-is-marketplace
item-note asin1 quantity
item-condition asin2  
asin1 asin3  
asin2 will-ship-internationally  
asin3 expedited-shipping  
will-ship-internationally product-id  
expedited-shipping add-delete  

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