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How Amazon transfers payments

In the beginning of 2020, Amazon introduced the mandated changes, explained below, to be compliant with the Brazil Central Bank regulation (Circular 3.682/13, as amended by Circular 3.765/15). The regulation is applied over purchases paid with Credit and Debit card, and has the goal of improving control over payments flow and guaranteeing security for partners who operate in the model of marketplaces and ecommerce websites in Brazil. This control will be done by centralizing payments through the Brazilian Clearing House.

Being a Selling Partner from, you will notice that your Amazon sales funds will be grouped according to the payment method used by the customer to pay for the purchase. These payment groups were named as a reflection of the available payment methods:

  • Visa Credit
  • MasterCard Credit & GiftCard
  • American Express
  • Elo
  • Boleto

Therefore, instead of Amazon performing 1 deposit at each settlement cycle, as you were used to, Amazon will perform up to 5 different deposits, according to your sales from each payment group.

When any of your payment groups is settled and it has a positive balance, Amazon sends the payment order for the Brazilian Clearing House, who will then register the operation and transfer the money to your bank account using their official Reserves Transfer System. It can take up to five business days for the money to appear in your bank account after Amazon sends the payment order.

Attention: Each payment group will have its own individual settlement cycle and deposit, independent from the rest. To verify your sales balance from each payment group, or to request payment on demand, you can access each one of the groups on the Seller Central page available on Reports > Payments.

To be successfully paid, you must provide a valid bank account, linked to the CNPJ or CPF that you used to register, and also keep a valid international credit card in your file. You can verify and change your bank account and credit card in your account settings. We cannot make payments to a savings account, credit card or online payment system such as PayPal.

In case you have assigned your receivables or have used them as collateral for transactions with a financial or non-financial institution or want to learn more about the most recent Brazilian Central Bank regulation on receivables (BCB Rule 3.952/19), visit the Receivables registration help page.

Please check this video explaining in detail the changes in your payments:

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