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Inventory file templates

Individual sellers: This feature is only available to sellers with a Professional selling plan. Learn more by visiting Selling plan comparison.
Note: Macros in inventory file templates are no longer supported.


An Inventory File Template is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that contains multiple data columns for describing your products. Sellers use Inventory File Templates to upload listings to Amazon.

Most Inventory File Templates are designed for a specific product category. Additional templates can be used to create or update listings in all categories.

Browse Tree Guides

Browse Tree Guides (BTGs) contain the same information exposed in the Product Classifier tool. Each category has its own Browse Tree Guide.

BTGs also contain refinements required for each listing and the valid values. We use the refinements to improve the customer discovery experience. For example, Cuff Type is displayed to customers in the Men's Dress Shirt browse node.

Category Style Guides

There are general requirements that are applicable to all categories. Review the Amazon Services Quick Start Style Guide to learn the basic style guidelines that apply to all categories. Also, categories may have additional style requirements that you must follow. These requirements ensure your listings are displayed optimally on the website.

Downloadable files

The Templates for specific categories table contains the downloadable files you will need to create an inventory file. Do not open these files directly in your browser. Instead, save the file to your local computer, and then open it using a spreadsheet program.

We recommend that you keep a back-up copy of your completed inventory file on your computer for future reference.

Your registered release package is listed below along with the corresponding templates.

  • The template names in the chart below do not necessarily correspond to categories or product tabs on
  • Template versions do not necessarily match the release package number.
  • The "Required" column of the template specifies which elements are mandatory and which are optional.

Choose a file template

This table provides general guidelines for choosing the best type of inventory file for your situation.

File Type Use Case File Name More Info
Product creation and matching

Page does not exist in Amazon catalog.

You have full product information.

See the category-specific template below UIEE files can also be used for books.
Inventory updates For updates to price or quantity only. Price & Quantity 7-column format.
See the category-specific template below Use the PartialUpdate feature.
Update listing data only. See the category-specific template below Use the PartialUpdate feature.
Shipping options Change shipping template. Shipping configuration

Change which shipping template to apply for specific products. See the category-specific template below UIEE files allow batch updates only.
Product data changes Update data contributions to product pages. See the category-specific template below For single products, use the Add a product tool.
File Type Use Case Use For
Inventory Loader To upload your inventory by assigning your offers to existing products in the Amazon catalogue. Use for media products (Books, Music, Videos and DVDs), including their delivery settings.
Listing Loader To upload your inventory by assigning your offers to existing products in the Amazon catalogue. Use for non-media products, including the option to set sales prices or gift options.
Price & Quantity File Update Prices and Quantities of items that are already listed in your seller account. Use for price and quantity updates of items that are already listed in your seller account.

Use the following template versions.

File templates Style guides Browse tree guide (BTG) Approval required
Apparel, Shoes, Luggage, Jewelry and Accessories Amazon Fashion Style Guide Amazon Fashion BTG No
Books Use UIEE Format to List Books Books BTG No
Camera & Photo See Consumer Electronics No

Computers (PDF)
                  Computer Accessories (PDF)

Computers BTG No
Consumer Electronics Consumer Electronics (PDF) Electronics BTG No

Home & Kitchen

See Consumer Electronics

Home BTGKitchen BTG

Home improvement & tools See Consumer Electronics Home improvement & tools BTG No
Office Office Products (PDF) Office BTG No
Sports & Outdoors See Amazon Fashion Style Guide Sports & Outdoors BTG No
Video Games See Consumer Electronics Video Games BTG Yes
Wireless See Consumer Electronics See Consumer Electronics No

Use Global SKUs

You can use inventory file templates to upload product data to multiple marketplaces using your North America unified account. To do so, prepare your files separately using the browse tree guide and inventory file template for each website.

Before you upload your file, check to be sure the Quantity value is greater than 0 (zero) for listings that use a global SKU. If you change the quantity to 0 (zero) in one marketplace, we will remove the listing from all Amazon North America marketplaces. If you no longer want to list in a specific marketplace, use the delete field for your template.

When you're file is ready to upload, check the website selected in the Marketplace Switcher to make sure you upload inventory files to the correct website.

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