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Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule

Amazon collects the applicable fees stated below unless there are promotional fees communicated to you by Amazon.

Monthly subscription fee

  • Professional Selling Plan: R$19.00 per month* when you have active listings
  • Individual Selling Plan: No subscription fee

*If you have active listings in additional countries or regions using merged accounts, a different fee may apply. For more information, go to Monthly subscription fee FAQ and Merging accounts.

Selling Fees

When your item sells, Amazon collects the amount paid by the buyer (including the item price and any shipping, gift wrap, or other charges). Amazon shipping rates apply to Books sold by Professional sellers, and to all products sold by Individual sellers. Only Professional sellers can offer gift wrap.

Per-item fees

  • Professional sellers: No per-item fee
  • Individual sellers: R$2.00 fee for each item sold

Referral fees

Sellers pay a Referral Fee on each item sold.

Categories Amazon deducts the greater of the applicable referral fee percentage or applicable per-item minimum referral fee.

See "Referral Fees" notes above.

Referral Fee Percentages Applicable Minimum Referral Fee

(applied on a per-item basis unless otherwise noted)

Clothing & Accessories 16% R$1.00
Shoes & Sunglasses 15% R$1.00
Luggage, Handbags & Travel Accessories 13% R$1.00
Watches 14% R$1.00
Jewelry 16% R$1.00
Books 15% R$1.00
TV, Audio and Home Cinema 9% R$1.00
Electronics Base Devices 12% R$1.00
Cellphones 12% R$1.00
Camera & Photography 13% R$1.00
Electronics & PC Accessories1

15% until R$100.00

10% above R$100.00

Games and Consoles 13% R$1.00
Home 12% R$1.00
Tools & Home Improvement 13% R$1.00
Kitchen 12% R$1.00
PC 12% R$1.00
Office Products 13% R$1.00
Sports & Outdoors 12% R$1.00
Major Appliances 9% R$1.00
Air-conditioning 9% R$1.00

15% until R$200.00

10% above R$200.00

Toys 12% R$1.00
Baby products 10% R$1.00
Health and Personal Care 10% R$1.00
Beauty 12% R$1.00
Personal Care Appliances 11% R$1.00
Lawn & Garden 13% R$1.00
Video & DVD 15% R$1.00
Music 15% R$1.00
Musical instruments and accessories 15% R$1.00
Automotive (Parts and Accessories) 12% R$1.00
Tires and Wheels 10% R$1.00
Pet supplies 10% R$1.00
Grocery 8% R$1.00
Alcoholic Beverages 10% R$1.00
Everything else 15% R$1.00

1 Electronic Accessories items with selling prices above R$100.00 will have a referral fee of 15% for the first R$100.00 and 10% for what exceeds this amount. Electronic Accessories items with selling prices below R$100.00 will have a new referral fee of 15%.

2 Furniture items with selling prices above R$200.00 will have a referral fee of 15% for the first R$200.00 and 10% for what exceeds this amount. Furniture items with selling prices below R$200.00 will continue with a referral fee of 15%.

Refund administration fee

If you refund a customer for an order for which you have already received payment, Amazon will refund you the amount of the Referral Fee you paid for the item(s), minus the applicable Refund Administration Fee, which is the lesser of R$10.00 or 20% of the applicable Referral Fee.

For example, if you refund a customer the R$10.00 total sales price of an item in a category with a 15% Referral Fee, your Refund Administration Fee will be R$0.30 (20% of R$1.50, which was the original 15% Referral Fee).

Examples of referral fee calculations

Media products

Individual Selling Plan example:

Item price

+ Shipping charges paid by the buyer

- Referral fee

- R$2.00 per item fee


= Total deposited to seller account

Professional selling plan example:

Item price

+ Shipping charges paid by the buyer

- Referral fee

- Variable closing fee for media items


= Total deposited to seller's account

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