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This article applies to selling in: Brazil

Sending products from out of Brazil

For a smooth logistical operation, hire an operator experienced in shipping to Brazil. If necessary, consult Amazon’s Service Provider Network. In Apps and Services > Explore Services search for the type of service International Shipping. Finally, be aware of the requirements below:

  1. Duties and fees
  2. Last mile postal fee
  3. Tax ID (CPF) requirement for international purchases
  4. Transit time
  5. Brazilian regulatory requirements and Amazon policies
  6. Returns, refunds and complaints to sales partners outside Brazil

Duties and fees

There are two alternatives for paying import taxes and fees when sending products from outside Brazil: DDU (delivery duties unpaid) and DDP (delivery duties paid). In the DDU model, the consumer is responsible for paying all possible taxes and fees charged when the product purchased arrives in Brazil. In the DDP model, the sales partner previously pays taxes and fees to the carrier, which passes the amounts on to the Brazilian customs authorities. In this case, the consumer does not need to pay any additional fees.

International shipments must follow the rules below, based on the customs value of the package (comprising product price + shipping cost):

  • DDU: for packages with customs value equal to or less than R$200.00
  • DDP: for packages with a customs value greater than R$200.00

These shipping rules were established to offer the best possible experience for consumers regarding the product's transit time. Partners who break the shipping rules may have their accounts suspended. Physical books are exempt from import taxes in Brazil, so they are an exception to the above rule, and should always be sent using the DDU method.

Last mile postal fee

Last mile postal fee is a fixed R$15.00 fee charged by Correios (Brazilian carrier) in international deliveries to cover expenses for product inspection, order release and internal transportation expenses. This fee is charged to the consumer when the product arrives in Brazilian territory. The selling partner must negotiate with its carrier a shipping method exempt from this fee for the consumer. Shipments that charged the last mile postal fee impair consumers experience and can lead to the suspension of selling partners' account.

Tax ID (CPF) requirement for international purchases

It is mandatory to inform consumer's CPF (Brazilian tax ID) along with his name and address in orders sent from outside of Brazil to destinations in the country. The inclusion of the CPF has been a requirement of the Brazil’s Customs since January 1st, 2020. If this information is not available, the entry of the package into Brazil may be prohibited and it will be destroyed or returned to the country of origin.

How to obtain consumer’s CPF?

Consumer’s CPF is available in 3 ways:

Manage Orders: At Seller Central, access menu Orders > Manage Orders . Access the details by clicking at the order’s number. CPF will be available at Buyer CPF, within More Details.

Order Reports: At Seller Central, access menu Orders > Order Reports . It is possible to obtain reports for new, unshipped and archived orders. Request a new report selecting the date range and clicking at Request or schedule periodical reports by selecting the frequency for generation and clicking at Schedule. Check the report that you need at the generated list and click at Download.

Integration: Customer's CPF is also available to seller via API. The developer must use the field Orders API, ListOrders operation, <BuyerTaxInfo> node. Documentation is available through the link Amazon Marketplace Web Service Documentation. If this field is not available for you, ask your integrator to contact Amazon Services support and request access to the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) with Tax Role. Justify the need for this access when opening the contact. Integrator must complete a PII protection requirements form, according to the support instructions.

Transit Time

Total transit time for packages sent from out of Brazil can vary from 5 to more than 60 days, depending on the shipping method and the chosen logistics operator. This time takes into account the preparation of the package, transit in the country of origin, international transit, processing through Brazilian customs and domestic transit in Brazil. It is recommended that the sales partner start operations with a delivery time of 19-35 business days for products shipped from China and 20-28 business days for products shipped from the United States and make adjustments to the shipping settings according to observed actual shipping time. To learn how to create, edit or delete shipping templates, see the page below.

Create, edit, or delete shipping templates

Brazilian regulatory requirements and Amazon policies

It is within selling partner's responsibility to ensure that all offers and products are in compliance with federal, state and local laws, as well as with Amazon policies that apply to those products and offers. If necessary, the partner can seek external assistance from the Amazon Service Provider Network under Apps and Services > Explore Services . To learn more about restrictions on categories, products and offers on, visit the help page Category, product, and listing restrictions. To learn more about products with restricted offer in Brazil for sellers from out of the country, visit the help page Products restricted in Brazil for listing by Out of Country Sellers.

Returns, refunds and complaints to sales partners outside Brazil

Product returns and refunds must be in accordance with Brazilian law. See the help page below to understand basic consumer rights in Brazil. The consumer can request the return of the product or claim the guarantee from A to Z before receiving the product in case of collection of taxes and customs fees upon arrival of the order in Brazil. It is partner's responsibility to agree with his carrier how product returns will be managed in these cases.

At the time of purchase, consumers are informed about the customs process for orders sent from outside Brazil. Therefore, negative consumer feedbacks and A-to-Z guarantees claimed due to charges of customs duties and taxes can be disregarded when measuring account performance. If the partner's order defect rate is affected by cases like this, the partner can appeal by following the procedures outlined in the help pages below.

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