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This article applies to selling in: Brazil

Approved carriers for shipments from China to Brazil has limited the use of carriers for the China-Brazil arc to a select group of service providers. The decision was made to offer the best delivery experience for customers and to improve the experience of the selling partner, who receives fewer return requests, fewer A-to-Z guarantee claims and better feedback from consumers. The criteria used to select these providers were: product transit time (less than 35 days), exemption from last mile postal fee payment by the consumer and integration of object tracking (tracking number) with Amazon. The providers approved to operate in the arc are:

  • Centex
  • Yun Express
  • SFC (Send from China)
  • Hong Kong Post

Partners who do not use approved carriers will have their accounts temporarily suspended. Upon receiving an email notification from stating that orders were shipped with unapproved carriers, the partner must review orders shipped in the last 30 days using the order report ( Orders > Order Reports ) and submit evidence who used the aforementioned carriers or who will change service provider. This evidence must be sent through the Help > Contact Us menu within 10 working days after receiving the notification. A response will be sent within 5 business days.

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