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This article applies to selling in: Brazil

Products listing requirements for selling partners from out of Brazil

To ensure a good experience for consumers, Amazon has specific requirements for listing products. Title, description, image and other attributes of the product must comply with these requirements. If there is any inconsistency, the offer may be removed. To learn more about product listing rules, visit the help pages below or search the Help menu.

Catalog translation

In addition to the requirements above, all products listed on must be in Portuguese. Foreign language offers will be removed and the account of the partner responsible for the listings may be temporarily suspended. To assist partners from other countries in listing products in Portuguese, Amazon provides a translation tool associated with BIL (Build International Listings). To access the tool:

  1. At Seller Central, go to Inventory and click on Sell Globally.
  2. Click on Build International Listings.
  3. Click on Get started at the bottom right corner of the page.
  4. Choose as source marketplace.
  5. Check as target marketplace.
  6. Click on Save and continue.
  7. Select the type of offers that you want to list at self-fulfilled offers and offers of new and/or used products. You can also select specific offers, listing the SKUs of the products that you want to offer in
  8. Click on Save and continue.
  9. Define the pricing rules for the target marketplace. You have the option to use the same price from the origin (converted to Brazilian Reais) or to add a fixed % over the original price.
  10. Click on Save and continue.
  11. Review your settings.
  12. Click on Save and continue.
  13. Read carefully the warning on the screen and, if you agree, click on Agree and create offers. Offers will be processed and will be available at the target in 4h.

Important information:

  • The translation tool for the target is only enabled for products sourced at It is not possible to translate offers listed in other countries using BIL.
  • FBA offers on will not be synchronized by BIL.
  • Used products with a condition note (product attribute that states the condition of the used product) will not be synchronized neither translated.
  • Products without an active offer in the source ( will not be synchronized or translated.
  • Products with restricted offer to sellers from out of Brazil will not be synchronized or translated.
  • ASIN number in will be the same as
  • If the same SKU is used on for an ASIN listed on, the inventory will be synchronized automatically. This means that the system will overwrite the quantity of products on if it changes on and vice versa.
  • If the partner prefers to manage and inventories separately, they must use different SKUs.
  • Use DIFFERENT SKU numbers on for products that are FBA on Using the same SKU will change the shipping method to FBM for all accounts. ASIN image updates on will be reflected on and vice versa for all products synchronized through BIL.

To learn more about creating and synchronizing international listings, visit:

Another option for translating listings is to hire a service provider. In Apps and Services > Explore Services search for the type of service Translation.

Other options for listing products

API: If you have used BIL to translate the catalog, remove BIL synchronization and delete all ASINs listed on If you have already used API on, the same key can be used for

Upload in bulk: If you have used BIL to translate the catalog, remove BIL synchronization and delete all ASINs listed on This is the best option for using different SKUs for Keep in mind that inventory will not be synchronized with if you use different SKUs. Follow the steps on the help page Inventory file templates to upload in bulk.

1:1: If you have used BIL to translate the catalog, remove BIL synchronization and delete all ASINs listed on You can add ASINs one by one. Go to Inventory > Add Product and follow the instructions on the screen. For more information.

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