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Valid tracking rate for international orders

Based on our commitment of providing the best experience for customers and partners, has included Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) as a performance metric for the account of international selling partners. Partners must maintain a VTR of 85% or will have their accounts on temporarily suspended until submitting an action plan to improve the result for the assessment of Amazon team.

VTR is the percentage of items shipped with a valid tracking number over the total items shipped over a period of 30 days and applies only to orders fulfilled by the partner. Customers depend on the tracking numbers to follow the progress of the shipment and to know when they will receive their orders. Confirmed orders with valid tracking number and integrated with the Amazon system receive fewer A-to-Z guarantee claims and better feedback from consumers, improving performance of partner’s account.

To check the VTR of your account, access the menu Performance > Account Health at Seller Central. In the Shipping Performance section, click View details. In addition to the current VTR result, in this session the partner will find reports with orders without a valid tracking number for managing the metric and also frequently asked questions about VTR.

Tips for maintaining a good VTR

Use carriers integrated with Amazon: The list of integrated carriers is available in the Carrier dropdown menu, at the time of shipping confirmation. All carriers listed on are also integrated with

If the carrier is not integrated with Amazon, arrange with the service provider to send you the tracking number for the last mile (usually handled by Correios in Brazil) and select Correios (or the name of the last mile provider) as the carrier at the time of confirmation of shipment.

Fill in correctly the name of the carrier handling the shipment. If the option Others is selected and the carrier name is typed, there are chances that the tracking number is considered invalid.

Main causes for low VTR and how to solve them

Cause How to identify How to solve
Invalid tracking numbers Occurs when the tracking number field is left blank or an invalid value is entered (order number, control number, SKU, and so on). In these cases, the VTR report will display an invalid message in the tracking number field. Understand the reason for an invalid tracking number being filled out, which could be a problem in the API, in the file (flat file) used to confirm shipments in bulk or lack of knowledge of the user who is confirming the shipments in Seller Central.
Carrier is not integrated to Amazon Check the Carrier column in the VTR report and check the list of integrated carriers.
  1. Change your shipping services to a carrier integrated with Amazon.
  2. Arrange with the carrier to fill in the tracking number for the last mile (if last mile is handled by an integrated carrier).
No progress tracking event associated with the tracking number It is possible that no event has been registered for that tracking number. Confirm that there has been no change in the tracking number and check with the carrier for the status of the package.

Submitting a plan of actions to improve VTR

Upon receiving an email notification from stating that VTR is below 85%, the partner must review the orders sent in the last 30 days using the VTR report to understand the causes of invalid tracking numbers. Based on these causes, the partner must prepare an action plan and send it through the Help > Contact Us menu within 10 business days after receiving the notification. A response will be sent within 10 business days. If an action plan is not submitted, the partner's account will be suspended and offers will be removed from

For more information about VTR, visit the help pages below:

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