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Send to Amazon: Print box labels

Small parcel shipments

  1. After you confirm your shipments, select the carrier you will be using to ship the items. You will have 3 options:
    1. Amazon recommended carrier: This will be a curated list of carriers that are aware of the Amazon appointments and delivery requirements. FC Appointments will not be needed for the carriers in this list, and you will just need to have your products and shipments ready by the assigned pick up date. You can find the contact details of the carriers in the Recommended Carrier Managed by Amazon page.
    2. Self-ship: You can use your own vehicle to deliver packages to a FC at your own risk. You will have to schedule an appointment with the fulfilment center prior to delivering your shipment.
    3. Other 3P carrier: You can select any carrier of your choice and at your own risk to deliver the shipments to a FC. You will have to schedule an appointment with the fulfilment center prior to the carrier delivering your shipment.
  2. Carrier Information: You can choose to provide the carrier information which will be printed on your Invoice or deny providing the information by selecting this options in the drop down. Once you have made the selection and provided the information click on the confirm checkbox.
  3. Click Generate Invoice button to proceed. Note: You are required to attach an invoice (DANFe) to every box sent to Amazon. Carriers or Amazon fulfilment centers may deny accepting your shipments if invoices are missing.
  4. Print shipping labels: After invoice is generated and printed, you will be able to download and print the FBA box labels for each box. Note: You are required to apply an FBA box label to every box sent to Amazon. Make sure you apply the FBA box labels to the correct boxes within each shipment. You can also rename your shipment in this step so you can find it easily in the Shipping Queue.
  5. Book Fulfilment Center appointment: If the carrier you selected is self-ship or other 3P carrier you will be prompted to book an appointment for the date you will deliver the shipment to the Amazon fulfilment center. Click on the button in the Book FC appointment section and select the shipments and the date and time slot most convenient for you. Note: You will be expected to delivery at the appointment scheduled time. Shipments will not be accepted without an appointment or at an unscheduled time.
  6. When your boxes are handed off to the carrier, update your Send to Amazon workflow to Mark all as shipped and enter your shipment tracking details in the Shipment Summary page. This lets fulfillment centers prepare to receive your products and avoid delays in processing them.

Frequently asked questions

How do I let Amazon know that my shipment is on its way?

The Mark as shipped button has been removed because we now use tracking information to accurately update your shipment status.

After you’ve provided valid tracking details for your shipment, the status of your shipment will automatically update to Shipped. You can provide tracking details either in the Send to Amazon Tracking details step or in the Track shipment tab of the Shipment summary page.

The status of your shipment will show as Shipped on the Shipping Queue and the Shipment summary page.

How do I access tracking and reconciliation information for a shipment?

Once you have handed over your boxes to the carrier, you can track receipt of your inventory and find reconciliation information on the Shipment summary page by clicking the Track shipment links at the bottom of the Send to Amazon page.

Can I start a new shipment without handing over my current shipment to the carrier?

Yes, you can start a new Send to Amazon workflow without handing over your current shipment to the carrier. Once you’ve handed off your previous shipments to the carrier, you can access them from the Shipping Queue. You can provide the shipment tracking information in the Send to Amazon workflow or on the Tracking events tab of the Shipment summary page.

Earlier I was using Carrier Central for raising appointment requests, do I have to stop using Carrier Central?

Yes, for all fulfillment centers (excluding Heavy & Bulky) you can now directly schedule appointment using the Book FC appointment in Seller Central. You are no longer required to raise appointment requests through Carrier Central after you have scheduled an appointment through Seller Central.

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