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This article applies to selling in: Brazil

Safety requirements for Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are classified as food products recommended to complement the daily intake for healthy people, with no intention to treat or prevent diseases. They may contain ingredients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, herbs, amino acids and other substances in a concentrated or isolated form and are available as tablets, capsules, softgels, pills, powder or liquid. In Brazil, these products are regulated by the Ministry of Health through ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) and do not require registration unless they contain enzymes or probiotics. All products must only contain ingredients and additives approved by ANVISA, and the manufacturer is responsible to ensure that the product is safe for consumption. The rules on labeling and advertising must also be observed to protect costumer’s health from incorrect consumption.

See below the requirements to list Dietary supplements on Amazon.

All products listed on must be manufactured, stored, distributed and sold only by specialized sellers licensed by the local Sanitary Authority (Sanitary Surveillance or Municipal Health Department) according to the type of activity. Sellers, products and offers must comply with all regulations and Amazon policies.

Product presentation

Products should not be sold under the following conditions:

  • Overdue
  • Without original seal or seal from manufacturer
  • Broken, cracked, dented, bulged or open
  • Dirty or with strange odors
  • With label erased, stained or missing
  • Labeled in another language without proper translation into Portuguese
  • Prohibited by ANVISA
  • Used
  • Batches that have been recalled
  • Without regular registration with the competent authority, when applicable

Product Packaging

  • Dietary supplements should not be packaged with chemicals and hazardous materials. These products should be packaged in appropriate boxes to avoid contamination, migration of odors and flavors. Examples of chemicals and hazardous materials: batteries, insecticide, repellent, lubricants, nail polish, nail polish remover, perfume, general removers, deodorant and cleaning materials such as detergents, disinfectants, multi-purpose cleaners, soap, alcohol, furniture polish, dishwasher, fabric softener, washing powder / liquid, room odorizes and bleach.
  • Liquid and powder products with simple flexible plastic packaging should be packaged in additional plastic bags or other rigid packaging for better protection and barrier against moisture, external contamination and migration of foreign odors / tastes. Products in "pouch" packages with a structure strong enough to be kept in a standing position do not need additional protection.
  • Select a box that is slightly larger than the full volume so as not to cause breakage or excessive pressure on the products. If you choose a much larger box, make sure that the products are not completely loose and are not damaged during transport. To avoid loose items inside the box, use a cushioning material such as wrinkled paper, plastic or any other soft material to fill the void.

Product Detail Page

The detail page should contain the following information:

  1. Full name of the product
  2. Manufacturer's name or trademark
  3. Complete list of ingredients, including allergenic ingredients described as “contains” or “may contain”
  4. Complete nutritional table
  5. Instructions for use / consumption of the product in Portuguese
  6. Warnings or alerts, if any
  7. Pictures of the front and back of the product, clearly showing the entire product without cuts or collages
Important: To be approved as a seller on Amazon, you must provide documents confirming that your site has the proper sanitary license allowing you to store and sell food products. If the products are stored in another location, please provide evidence of commercial connection with the subcontracted company in addition to the sanitary license for the location where the products are stored.
Additional legal requirements must be met. For more information, see Dietary supplements.
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