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Create shipments with Send to Amazon

Switching workflows

You can switch between as many as nine active workflows. Once all shipments in a workflow have been marked as shipped, the workflow is considered complete and will no longer count as active.

To switch to another active workflow, follow these steps:

  1. Click Active workflows.
  2. Find your desired workflow, and then click Switch to this workflow.
    Note: You can also access workflow details from previously created shipments by clicking the shipment name in the Shipping Queue.

Send to Amazon is a shipment workflow with a streamlined process that requires few steps to replenish your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory.

Send to Amazon highlights

  • Simplified process steps, reducing time spent creating shipments
  • Reusable case pack templates to provide box content information, box weight and dimensions, and prep and labeling details for SKUs shipped in repeatable single-SKU boxes. Once you save those details in a template, you will not have to re-enter box content information for each shipment, saving you time during replenishment.
  • Pack single and mixed SKU boxes before creating shipments for optimal placement and update quantity as you pack to account for any discrepancies before confirming your shipment destinations

Shipment requirements

Send to Amazon shipments must meet the following requirements:

Get started with Send to Amazon

To start using the workflow, go to your Shipping Queue and click on the Send to Amazon link located at the top of the page under the navigation menu. This will display the list of your FBA SKUs.

Next, follow the remaining steps in the workflow to create your shipment

To learn how to change or cancel your shipment, see Send to Amazon: Change or cancel a shipment.

Frequently asked questions

Can I convert SKUs to FBA using Send to Amazon?

No, only SKUs that already have been converted to FBA are displayed in step 1 of the shipment workflow, Choose inventory to send. To learn how to convert SKUs to FBA, see Getting started with Fulfillment by Amazon.

How do I see my shipping plan?

Before approving shipments in step 2 of the workflow, Confirm shipping , you can leave Send to Amazon and return to the place you left. To see details for shipments that have been confirmed, go to your Shipping Queue and click on the shipment to see the summary page. From there, click View shipment.

How can I access workflow details from previously created shipments?

After the shipment has been approved you can get information about all confirmed shipments from your Shipping Queue and search for them using the shipment ID. Clicking on a shipment from the Shipping Queue will take you to the Shipment Summary page. There you can track your shipment, see shipment contents, and reconcile inventory. To view the shipment in Send to Amazon, click View shipment.

Is Send to Amazon available in Marketplace Web Service (MWS)?

No, at this time, shipment plans created in MWS cannot be completed in STA. Over time, we will modify the MWS APIs to allow for more STA like functionality. To learn more see Amazon Marketplace Web Services Overview.

Can I schedule a delivery appointment at fulfillment centers in the Send to Amazon workflow?

No, Amazon does not allow general public deliveries. Only professional carriers are allowed to make delivery appointments at fulfillment centers through Carrier Central. For more information, go to Carrier requirements for LTL and FTL deliveries.

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