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Configure shipping rates and restrictions

Use your Shipping Settings to set your default service levels, shipping regions, and shipping rates.

Go to Shipping Settings.

Book, Music, Video, and DVD (BMVD) service levels and shipping regions may vary. For more information, see Delivery Expectations for BMVD.

You can set your own shipping rates for non-BMVD Products using a Per-Item/Weight-based or Price Banded model. For more information, see Shipping Rates & Settings.

View your shipping settings

To view your shipping settings, complete the following steps:

  1. From your seller account, select Settings, and then select Shipping Settings.
  2. Select an option:
    • To update your Ships From location, in the Ships From Location section, click Edit. Learn more about Ships From Location.
    • To change or edit your shipping model, click the Change Shipping Model button. Learn more about shipping models.

You can select one of the following methods for calculating shipping rates:

Per-item/weight-based shipping

If you offer per-item/weight-based shipping, set a charge for each shipment and either a per-kilo charge or a per-item charge for handling. When a customer buys your products, Amazon applies your per-shipment charge, and then calculates the appropriate per-kilo or per-item charge for each item in the order.

Price-banded shipping

If you offer price-banded shipping, create rates that vary by the product price range, such as R$ 0,00 to R$ 25,00, R$ 25,01 to R$ 50,00, R$ 50,00 and up. Each price band has its own shipping rates. When a customer buys your products, Amazon reviews the total order amount (excluding tax), identifies the band for the total price, and applies your shipping charge for the price band.

Use your Shipping Settings to customize the geographic regions you ship to and the service levels for each region. When you offer a shipping option, you agree to meet a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA is your promise that the order will arrive within the standard number of days for that shipping method. Review the delivery SLA for each region.

Whether you modify your current model or change models, you must indicate your regions and service levels:

  1. From the Account Info page, go to the Shipping and Returns Information section and select Shipping Settings.
  2. In the Shipping Model section, click Edit.
  3. On the Select the Regions and Service Levels You Support page, check or uncheck the boxes to enable or disable regions and service levels.
  4. Click Continue.

Per-item/weight-based shipping is the default shipping model. The default per-shipment charge for standard shipping is R$ 0,00, and the default per-weight charge is R$ 10,00 per kilo.

The regions you enable for at least one service level appear in the Shipping Rates table. If a region does not show in this table, you did not check the box to support shipping to that region in the previous step.

To add or edit per-item/weight-based shipping settings follow these steps:

  1. On the Set Your Shipping Rates page, in the Rate Components column, select whether you want to add a per-weight or a per-Item charge for each supported service level.
  2. In the rate text boxes, type the amounts you want to charge for shipping.
  3. Click Continue, and then click Confirm.

Changes will not take effect for at least 4 hours. You have 1 hour to make changes before they are locked in.

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