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What if a buyer says they didn't receive their order?

Work with the buyer to reach a mutually agreeable solution in regard to this transaction. How you decide to proceed is ultimately determined by you and your customer service policy, but all sellers are expected to demonstrate a high level of customer service.

Below are some ways you can handle this situation. Regardless of which option you choose, the buyer might still post negative feedback for the transaction.

Refund the buyer

Issuing a refund for a product that was not received is usually the most customer-friendly solution. If the order eventually arrives after you've made a refund, Amazon can recharge the buyer with the buyer's authorization. For more information about refunds, see Refunding Orders.

Ask the buyer to wait a bit longer for the order to arrive

If you choose this option, be aware that the buyer might file an A-to-z Guarantee claim.

Ship a replacement order at your cost

While this may be a financial loss for your business, it is good customer service. If the buyer ultimately receives the original order, you can work with them to facilitate a return.

Contact your shipping carrier

If an order is lost in transit or shipped to the wrong address, sometimes you can get help from your shipping carrier. If you purchased package tracking or insurance, the carrier might be able to help find the package or file an insurance claim. If you did not get tracking information, your carrier might have other options available to help find the package.

  • We encourage you to use tracking when you ship packages. Tracking can significantly reduce the costs associated with a lost shipment. It is also your best protection for A-to-z Guarantee claims.

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