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America Unified Account FAQ

  1. What is an America Unified Account?

An America Unified Account allows you to more easily share listing information and manage your inventory consistently across Amazon's U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil marketplaces. For more information, see Selling on Amazon's North America Marketplaces.

  1. How do I create listings on,,, and marketplaces?

If you register on either,,, or you have the option to list your products across all four marketplaces. To switch marketplaces, select,,, or in the marketplace drop-down list at the top right of your seller account.

  1. How do I verify if my account is enabled for America Unified Account?

The simplest way to verify if an account is enabled with the America Unified Account is to check if the marketplace switcher is available in the header of your seller account.

  1. I already have accounts in multiple American marketplaces. Can I merge these accounts?

No. Existing accounts in each marketplace cannot be merged. Each selling account will have its own, distinct Unified Account.

  1. Do I need a local bank account in each marketplace country?

No. If you already sell on Amazon in the United States, Canada, Mexico, or Brazil you can use your existing bank account to receive disbursements in your local currency with the Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS). If you are a new seller registering to sell in the United States, Canada, Mexico, or Brazil, you can be paid directly in your local bank account in the local currency, provided you have a bank account in a country supported by Amazon.

  1. What if I don't want to sell on more than one marketplace?

If you have been upgraded to a Unified Account and do not want to sell on another marketplace, simply keep the marketplace switcher on the country on which you originally registered. Your products will only list on that marketplace.

  1. Can I enter separate account information data for each marketplace (e.g., to account for their different legal entities or bank accounts)? .

Yes, you can customize your account information for each America marketplace. The information entered during registration will become the default data for each marketplace until you update each marketplace with the applicable information. To change your account information, select Account Info from the Settingstab on the righthand side of your seller account.

  1. Can I have marketplace-specific product listings, quantities, and pricing for the same SKUs?

Yes. Listings are marketplace-specific. You can change your listings and prices per marketplace for the same SKU.

  1. How do I manage my seller-fulfilled inventory pool?

If you fulfill your own orders, you can choose one of two ways to manage your inventory pools. (1) You can manage your inventory as a shared pool by using the same SKU in each marketplace. If you do so, your inventory availability in each marketplace will be the combined amount of inventory across all three marketplaces. (2) You can use distinct SKUs in each marketplace, which will allow you to manage inventory availability separately in each marketplace.

  1. What fees will I pay if I sell something using my Unified Account?

For all per-item transaction fees, you will pay the fees applicable to the marketplace in which the item was sold. However, only one monthly Professional selling plan subscription fee will be collected for selling in the Americaa. The single monthly Professional selling plan subscription fee is applied based on the Amazon marketplace to which you initially registered. For example, if you initially registered to sell on, your monthly subscription fee is listed on the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.

  1. Is it possible to delete a SKU simultaneously across all marketplaces or does it need to be done individually?

Both listing creation and listing deletion are marketplace-specific, and you will need to delete offers (and SKUs) individually on each marketplace. For seller-fulfilled listings, setting the quantity to zero will result in a removal of that product listing from all marketplaces.

  1. Is the America Unified Account the same as the European Unified Account?

No, the America Unified Account is only available to sellers registered on,,, or

  1. Do I need to be a Professional seller in order to have a Unified Account?

Sellers with Professional selling accounts can use their Unified Account to sell in across all the America marketplaces (U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil). This feature is not currently available to sellers with Individual selling accounts.

  1. When I am shipping to Mexico, how can I help ensure that I meet Amazon's international shipping transit time requirements?

A recent study of orders fulfilled by sellers shipping from the United States to Mexico showed that approximately 69% of orders shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS), which uses Correos de México/Servicio Postal Mexicano (SEPOMEX) for delivery within Mexico, did not meet Amazon's international shipping transit time requirements. To provide a great customer experience on shipments from the United States to Mexico, we strongly recommend that you use other carriers (e.g., FedEX, DHL, UPS).

  1. Do I have to apply for the Amazon Brand Registry separately for my,,, and selling accounts?

If you have a America Unified Account, and your brands have been approved for Amazon Brand Registry on, they are automatically approved for, and as well. To ensure your listings are synchronized across marketplaces, provide the same key attribute values for specific ASINs in all marketplaces.

If you do not have a America Unified Account, and your brands have been approved by Amazon Brand Registry on, they are not automatically approved for, and In this case, you must apply for Amazon Brand Registry approval separately for each marketplace.

  1. Can I have different storefront links for the different marketplaces in my America Unified Account?

The option to customize a storefront link will only appear in the Amazon marketplace where you initially registered. For example, if you initially registered to sell on, the storefront link will apply for your,,, and listings.

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