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Classify your products with Product Classifier

Individual sellers: This feature is only available to sellers with a Professional selling plan. Learn more by visiting Selling plan comparison.

Amazon uses values provided by sellers to determine where listings appear in the Amazon catalog. If this information is missing or incorrect, customers will have a difficult time finding, comparing, and purchasing your products.

Note: There is a limitation in the customized inventory file templates identified in the Product Classifier compared to category-specific inventory files. These templates contain only those attributes that are deemed essential to improve customer experience. See the table below for further information:
Attributes Customized inventory file template Category-specific inventory file
Fulfillment (dimension and weight) Not Available Available
Shipping template Not Available Available
Attributes in "Extra" section in Category-specific inventory file Not Available Available

Use the Product Classifier tool to do the following:

  1. Select your products' classification, and download the inventory file containing the values required to classify your listings.
  2. Populate your inventory file template or XML feed with the values from the Product Classifier file along with other offer data.

Step 1: Select your products' classifications and download the customized inventory file template

Go to the Product Classifier tool and use either the Browse or Search method to identify the appropriate classifications for your products.


  1. Select the store in which your product belongs.
  2. Continue to narrow the classification options until the Select button appears.
  3. Click Select to add the classification to your list.
  4. Repeat the process to classify all of your products.
  5. Click Download List, and save the file.


  1. Type a keyword into the Search box.
  2. Click the "+" (plus) sign to the left of the category name to select classifications for your products.
  3. Repeat the process to classify all of your products.
  4. Click Download List and save the file.

Step 2: Populate the classification and refinement fields

Follow the below mentiones steps to add selected classifications and refinements to your inventory file template:

  1. Open the customized inventory file template, go to the Template tab and scroll to the Recommended Browse Node column.
  2. Select the Browse Node ID for one of the products you are listing from the drop-down menu in Recommended Browse Node column. You can download a file with all the Browse Node IDs by clicking here
  3. Fill in other data in a row where you selected Browse Node ID.
  4. Repeat this process for all of the products you are listing.
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