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Carrier requirements for LTL and FTL deliveries

On this page, you will learn what is required of your carriers for less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) deliveries to Amazon fulfillment centers. We recommend that you, as well as your carrier, become familiar with these requirements.

You will need to schedule an advanced delivery appointment to deliver your shipment. Please ensure that you complete any required steps prior to requesting a delivery appointment.

  • Carriers must adhere to Amazon's delivery requirements and safety standards.
  • If a shipment is delayed due to unforeseen weather conditions, the seller must notify Amazon. Appropriate schedule changes will be made based on availability.

To schedule a delivery appointment, access the FC Appointment tool:

Related guidelines

When you select a carrier, you are responsible for making sure they comply with the requirements below. The failure of a carrier to comply with these terms may cause the delivery to be refused.

  • Shipments must have attached valid and authorized remittance invoice.
  • You must book an appointment through the appointment booking portal.
  • You must communicate box and pallet counts before an appointment will be scheduled. The fulfillment center may request unit counts if they are provided to the carrier. Floor-loaded trailers should be indicated on the carrier freight bill and when requesting an appointment.

Upon arriving at the fulfillment center, the carrier must provide a physical copy of the Invoice.

Vehicle condition

Vehicles delivering goods to Amazon fulfillment centers must meet the following standards:

  • The vehicle floor must be able to withstand a pallet jack fully laden.
  • The vehicle floor must be well-maintained, safe, and free from any obstructions and damage such as holes.
  • The vehicle must be water tight, clean, and free of strong odors, especially when delivering food and health-care products.
  • Straps, unless actually securing a load, must be firmly fixed to the vehicle, so they present no danger to staff and ensure accessibility to the goods being unloaded.
  • Due to safety concerns, the use of trailers with uneven or corrugated floors (such as in refrigerated trailers) is not permitted.
  • Any trailer, truck, shipment, or portion of a shipment is subject to refusal at the fulfillment center if the fulfillment center associates are unable to safely unload the product with no additional cost to Amazon. Notification of such events will be sent to the e-mail address currently associated with your seller account.

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